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new "shelter" cat owner - spikey fur ?

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yesterday finally "Golly" (short for Goliath) came home with me - he's a 14 year old male, that no-body wanted - but seeing as he's my first cat he seemed ideal - now he's home he's already settled in great but i have a question regarding a bit of dandruff and "spikey" fur.

as per the pic of him asleep last night .. you can see his fur is a little clumpy or spikey... is this solely to do with his age ?.. he is only being fed currently on Royal Canin Hypoallergenic, as every cat food tried by the shelter gave him the runs

bearing this in mind would cod liver oil not be a good idea to try ?..

thanks for any info..
here's the "interesting" sleeping position of last night for Golly

ps. he does have a tail - it's just pointed like his legs all to one point
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It could be many reasons why his fur is spiky. If it feels oily, you certainly don't want to add more oil. If its dry, then you can do something about it. Perhaps its due to years of poor food or allergies, etc.

You might want your vet to take a look and determine why his fur is that way.

I know our 15 yr old rex doesn't groom as well, so we wash him more often to keep his coat nice.
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when i inherited my FILs 18 yr old cat Beavis he had that spikey fur-- he had been fed Science Diet dry all his life and pretty much neglected. He had food and fresh water daily but he never got love or anything else. I changed his food to a better dry brand as he wont even think about wet foods. I started adding cod liver oil and a fish oil combo. I also started brushing him a couple times a day (which he loves) His fur is now getting to be normal. No more spikey fur or dandruff.

I honestly dont know what causes it in each cat but for Beavis, a food change, added oils and brushing helped tremedously.

good luck!
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I'd like to second amitya. The RC is a good brand, from what I've heard. You might also want to try Natural Balance venison and green's hypoallergenic too and has worked wonders for our Dolly. You might also want to think about adding a bit of wetfood if you can find some that he can stomach, it seems to have improved coats in this house.
Yes, the fur does change with age, but I wouldn't expect it so young...a good diet, love and some brushes should do the trick.
Enjoy him, he looks like a snuggle-bug
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Mr Mustache was like that after his hair grew in (he was a mess when I found him). It lasted until he'd been eating some of the better wet & dry chow I usually feed the kitty brigade for a while.

Mr Mustache says hello to your little tuxie. How old is he? Good luck!
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Sometimes, fur that is spikey can be a symptom of illness.
If Golly was my senior baby...I would have a vet check her, to rule out illness and have baseline bloodwork.
Golly is truly blessed that you have opened your home to her.
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I'm sure you are taking him to the vet- it wouldn't heart to ask. Maybe one his nutrition and health gets squared it will start to look better. Also I would give him some brushing, that might help things. I have noticed that senior cats tend to have a more ruffled look b/c they can't groom themselves as well due to arthritis- I used to catsit a 17 yr old and she tended to look a bit scruffy.
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Frank, I don't have an answer, but I wanted to say Congratulations on your adoption.
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thanks for all your replies..
Yep I booked him a vet appointment for Saturday morning... could be interesting - means i have top pick him up and put him in his carry cage - HELP! - I've already had my arm lacerated by him when i went near his rear legs
he sunk his teeth in too and drew blood

i think he must have some pain back there as he's so affectionate and docile otherwise.. he is always jumping on my lap to watch tv and purring his heart out - just "turns" - if any stroking happens to go anywhere near his hind quarters
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It is good that he is having a vet check. But to me, he just looks a little dirty. Probably a combination of age, poor nutrition, and living in a shelter instead of a home. I think once he is in your clean home, eating good food, and getting brushed occasionally, he will look just fine.

Congrats on getting Goliath...he looks like a winner!
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After you have washed the Carrier out..set it on the floor with the door open.
Maybe your kitty will explore it & not panic so much when it's time to go.
I think others will have some good tips about getting a kitty safely into it's carrier.

Always wash a cat scratch or bit with hydrogen peroxide 3%. You don't want to get an infection.

Again...thanks for adopting an older kitty.
Please update after your vet apt.
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Can you wear gloves when you put him in? Sorta kidding. Anyway, you could try spraying the carrier with feliway, leaving treats in there to lure him in. You could also just leave the carrier around for awhile. I leave one of my carriers in my living room, under a table. One of the cats hangs out in sometimes!
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we have a couple carriers that we have hanging open and the cats seem to be pretty cool with having a "hang out" We've also invested in a top loader as it's easier to get Molly into, and she's our feisty one in the group. leave the carrier out with either a towel or a small cozy blanket so that he thinks of it as his "cave" and he'll warm up to it.

We've found that it's ofen nice to have a HUGE carrier so when we have to cart our Gibby into the vet, we can have Pig with him so that he doesn't freak out. He really appreciates that.
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