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Good thoughts for Annie/PurrtyGirl/Babies

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Hi guys,

Well, Annie still had some discharge this afteroon, so I took her into the emergency clinic. It seems she has a retained kitten that didn't make it. She is there now having a c-section and getting spayed. The Dr. should be calling me when he's done. She should be able to come home tomorrow. For now, Purrty Girl has agreed to take over for Annie. We will be giving her extra suppliments and feedding all the kittens in the evening to give her a break. Please send good thoughts this way for all of them.
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Good luck with Annie. I hope everything goes smoothy with her surgery and she does just fine.

It's great that Puurty girl is willing to foster the babies. What a nice mom.

Have you needed many c-sections with your cats? Hopefully Annie, Puurty girl and the kittens all do well. Let us know how Annie makes out!
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Oh Sandie, sorry to hear about the retained kittie. These things happen. Good thing you had Purty girl to fall back on. You are busy enough without having to take on the feeding of newborn kitties!
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I am pretty sad at the moment I have never had a cat need a c-section before. Annie was going to get spayed when the kittens were 3 months, but this I feel is just so much for her at one time. It may be hard for some people to understand, but these aren't just cats to me, but more like my human child. I am going to be sitting by the phone waiting for that call.
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Sandie, This exact thing happened to me. We took in a stray, and already had 3 cats of our own. One morning,a week or two earlier, I had caught a tom cat in our house He was not our cat!
Later the stray kitten began to waddle; she must have been in her first heat. Our white female, who was not spayed yet had never been out of the house, but... Well, she had two white kittens and the stray, Checkers, had 6 babies and 1 paw born
within days of each other.
Checkers had to have a caesarean to remove the dead kitten and Creampuff nursed her two and Checkers' six until the next day. The vet let her go home to care for the babies. There was no harm done. I gave her only a couple at first, and gradually introduced the rest. Everything was fine. Those two cats absolutely hated each other, but once Creampuff's scent was on Checkers' babies, all was well.
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I am sorry to hear about the complications! I am sending up a prayer for Annie, and good thoughts are going your way! Please keep us posted on how she does. I am sure she will be alright, try not to worry too much, though it is hard not too. *hugs*
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Positive thoughts coming your way from Maryland!
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You will all be glad to hear that the Vet called before dinner to let us know that Annie is doing well, a slight fever, but otherwise good. She should be able to come home tomorrow provided she doesn't have a fever. It seems that the kitten had not been viable for quite some time, natures way of making sure than annie could take care of the ones that were left.

Purrdy girl has just been super, it is as if she had given birth to them all, at this very moment there are 6 sleeping little babbies and 2 that are nursing, so im sure things will go well.

Jeanie, thanks so much for your post, it was so good to read that at least it might be possible for Annie to have her babies back.

We'll keep you posted!
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That is GREAT news, Ken!! Thanks for letting us know!!!
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I am so glad all is going well. Sandie, I understand how you feel about your babies, my kitties are my children. When something is wrong with one of them whether it's something very minor to something very serious it just worries me to death. But, so happy that Annie has come through the surgrey and that Purrty Girl is such a trooper.
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I must agree with Hissy, Purty Girl looks like "What the heck is the deal with all these kittens?" Poor thing, but how good of her to take up the slack.

I'm glad Annie is doing well. I hope she is able to nurse at least a few of them. I can't imagine having a c-section then having those kittens crawling all over her! But I'm sure she'll do just fine.
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How are moms and babies today?
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We now have an update!! I am very happy to say Annie is back home and is doing great! She is not very stressed, looks healthy, is eating and drinking, she also took 2 of her babies back when she got home. I think I am going to limit her to 2 or 3 so that they both feel comfortable. Thanks for everyone's good thoughts, I am sure it helped her to make it through as well as she did. Here she is with 2 of her lil' ones.
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I'd swear she's smiling!

I can see that she's laying to protect her incision, but she looks so happy and protective with her babies.

I'm glad she's doing so well! (And I'm sure Purty Girl is relieved, too.)
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What a beautiful face!

I'm so glad that everything worked out for the best!!
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Oh my, sorry to hear you went through this Sandie and Ken Poor Annie. I'm so glad shes doing better now- she couldn't have any better owners than you guys Keep us updated on how she and the babies are doing.
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Poor little mama! She does look happy to be back with her little ones, though. What a wonderful thing that Purrty Girl is willing to take Annie's babies in with her own. They couldn't have better human parents to take care of them, either! So glad everything is working out for everyone involved.
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She is a beauty! My vet did not even have to give me pain meds for Checkers when she came home from her caesarean. And recently, when Precious was spayed, the vet said it's rare that they seem to have pain. I'm sure she'll do well with her babies. And, of course, she has two other mommies backing her up! Bless her little pussy cat heart!
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Thanks guys for all the support. I know that some people will look down on me because we breed, however we LOVE our cats and there is nothing that we wouldn't do for them. I am so releived that Annie is home and doing well. I have been up here giving her cuddles all day. I am also excited that when the babies are 3 months, she can come sleep with me again!!
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Sandie, You are not running a puppy or kitty farm. You are a resposible and very knowledgable breeder who is trying to improve the breed and have babies to love. There is a big difference. Your kittens are not going to end up being put to sleep in a shelter or used for medical research. You are not advertising "free to a good home," which is an invitation to those who would supply research animals.
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You are the most giving, and the most caring person when it comes to cats that I know. You do not do these breedings indiscrimately, and you are very selective about placing them in the proper homes. Those who look down on you and Ken should be ashamed of themselves!

I am glad Annie is back with a few little ones, they will help her feel normal again. I still want one of your white ones! LOL
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more pics!!!
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No need to frett - humans should have it as good as your babies - you are a GREAT MOM! I am soooooo glad everyone is happy and doing so well.

The only thing that stops me from becoming a breeder is that I know I would not be able to part with any of them.
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Sandie, this is a need for good, caring breeders. Someone has to keep up the different breeds, and if someone is going to do it, it should be for the love of it. Obviously, you are one of those. While I have never personally gotten a kitten from a breeder, I see nothing wrong with it done right.
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How about an Annie update? How is she doing today? Any new pics to show?
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Oh Sandie - I just read this - what a story! I am gald that all seems to be going well. And.....I must add BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FUR BALLS THERE!!!!!
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Annie is doing well today after her ordeal Everyone is doing AWSOME. Purrty Girls bunch is at 4.5oz, 6.5oz, 6.5oz, and 6.0oz.
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Mom with 2 extra babies
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Annie's bunch is doing really well at 6.0oz, 4.5oz, 4.5oz, and 6.0oz.
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Proud Momma
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