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Q: the cat cold, vomiting, sneezing, watery eyes...

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hello :-)

as you may know, my husband and i brought home 2 kittens recently... kosmo kramer and penny lane.

fyi penny is about 2 1/2 months... kramer is 5 months.

when bringing kramer home with us in the car, he threw up a couple times in the carrier and when we let him out in the car. we just assumed that he was nervous and over-stimulated, which would make sense. all that night and the next day he never threw up again. then this morning we woke up to find a HUGE pile!!! it was a mass of undigested cat food!

my first instinct was that it was kramer, however, i am thinking it may have been from penny. last night before i went to bed i gave them the last half of a can of food from earlier in the day... they each have their own bowl for wet food and there's always a big bowl of dry food, and of course, water. well, kramer was slowly but surely eating his bowl, and penny was scarfing hers down like there was no tomorrow... then she goes over and pushes kramer out of the way (keep in mind she's like 1/3 of his size) and eats his share! well, he let her. anyway, i'm thinking she may have been the culprit... caused by over-eating.

I think they both have colds. kramer has sneezed since the day we got him! he kept closing just one of his eyes, and now... 2 days later i am noticing that BOTH him and penny have watery eyes and are keeping one or the other closed at all times. penny has sneezed on occasion but not as much as kramer. he also sounds like he may be wheezing ?!? i dont know... he's going to the vet as soon as i can make an appt. but in the mean time... any opinions?

i've read about the "cat cold" and it sounds scary! i dont want my new little babies to be sick!
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they could very well be sick and if they are around each other an URI spreads quickly. Elevate your food bowls and take the water and put it away from the food, so they actually have to walk a bit of distance before drinking. Give all the kittens some plain yogurt with active cultures to settle their systems and get them to the vet to be checked out.
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My younger kitty had a cold when I got him and he then spread it to my older cat. They were both exhibiting the sneezing, watery eyes, vomiting, and congestion. It took about 2 months and 3 rounds of antibiotics before they got over it. I shut them in the bathroom with the hot water on to try and relieve congestion and made sure to wipe their eyes frequently as they were rubbing them raw. Your vet should give you some antibiotics for your kitties, and you should also make sure they keep eating and drinking.
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Where did you get your kittens from?

I agree that you need to get them into the vet for a full exam.
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there was a lady who put an ad in the paper for kittens and when we called her she said that they were free. when my husband and i got to her house she told us that she had a bunch of wild cats out in the woods behind her house and that when she found their babies she brought them inside, fed them and found them good homes.
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