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Happy Saturday

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Spent the morning at the Desert Museum. The mountain lion was sound asleep, flat on his back. He looked sooo cute and peaceful, I just itched to rub his belly! The prairie dog pups are just coming out of the nests and they are the cutest little things. I can see Opie with one, though. Think we'll leave the rodents where they are. Happy weekend, everybody!!!
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The weather wasn't quite sure on what it wanted to do today. It started out cloudy then started sprinkling, then became sunny, then cloudy, then sunny again. You never know what it's going to do around here.

I did a few errunds today and boy the summer traffic is already starting.:paranoid2 I had to make a copy of my house key and the darn thing dosen't fit in the lock!!

katl8e-Prairie dogs are so cute. My friend used to own two of them. Unfortunatly they're not animals that are good in confinement. They're better off left where they belong.
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There is a small feeder at the kitchen window. I went in without my glasses and looked to see if it needed to be filled. From five feet away I could see what appeared to be the world's largest wooly bear caterpiller. I leaned over the sink, opened the window and gave this fluffy, furry thing a little nudge. It did not fall over. It went the whole way inside. Evidently, chipmunks like bird seed too! The little thief!
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It is raining here. Mucked out the horse stalls, and fed the critters and am now just studying for class and being a bum. Happy Saturday everyone. Stay safe!
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Well, the day started out good! I got up and ran ALL my errands. The sun did come out and it's almost 70 here, then came home and took Annie to the vet, so that took care of my afternoon. I have already put my night shirt on, plan to sit on the computer, worry about Annie and make dinner. Maybe there is a good movie on pay per view tonight.
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Backyard Dogs! Ordered it because I was curious and then paid for that curiousity.........Yuck! Hardball is good though....
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