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Cleaning products with essential oils and cats

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I did a search of this forum on essential oils and it looks like pure essential oil is bad for a cat to be in contact with (via skin, or inhalation). I have a book on natural cleaning products. Some of the recipes (for example, floor cleaner) call for essential oils to be added. For example one recipe calls for 1 gallon of hot water, 2 tablespoons liquid castile soap, 10 drops pine essential oil and 5 drops cypress essential oil. This is to be mopped on floor and not rinsed. Would this be OK to use given that it is diluted so much? I read that peppermint, lemon, lavender, and tea tree essential oils are potentially toxic so I guess that would rule them out (even if diluted as above?). I would use this floor cleaner only in the kitchen- and probably not more than every 2 weeks. Any thoughts?
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Having lost a cat to "essential oil poisoning" I wouldn't risk it at all.
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Do NOT use essential oils around cats. There are lots of good natural cleaning products you can get that are not harmful to your pets. I buy mine at the health food store.
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What about natural cleaning products with the ominous "essential oil fragnace" as the last ingredient?

I've noticed that even products that aren't natural have this listed. I've been using this stuff sinc I adopted Leo in 2004 with no problems...should I stop?
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Ya know, I don't think that would really cause a problem. The problem with essential oils and cats is using something whose whose main ingredient is essential oil that a cat would pick up it's paws and ingest. If EO fragrance is listed as the last ingredence, it means there isn't that much in the product.

Something I use, that is actually a laundry soap, is called Bi O Kleen. It's a coconut fruit base with grapefruit seed extract and orange peel. I use it for a lot of cleaning projects, including cleaning my rugs. You could easily clean your floors with it. I really love the stuff! The grapefruit seed extract is a natural anti viral, and a very good cleaner. Very safe to use for people and pets..

I use EO's personally, so I'm very familar with them. Altho a lot of EO maker's make them sound so benign, they really are anything but. You really have to know your oils, and what they do. They really are never safe for cats.
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I appreciate everyone's input. I think the cleaning recipes just use essential oils for the smell so I am sure they can be omitted with no bad effect. Until I did my search last night, I had no idea that essential oils were bad for cats. I had been in the habit of putting a few drops of lavender or peppermint (apparently the worst kinds) in my bath water but now it seems like not such a good idea (no problems noted with my cats but wouldn't want to risk any problems). I wish this info about the incompatibility of cats and e.o.s were more widespread. The use of essential oils is appears to be very common and I think most people think that natural=safe (which of course is a dumb idea since hemlock and snake venom are as natural as you can get). At any rate, I feel obligated to spread the word to everyone I know including the vet. They should at least have a poster-flyers listing cat unfriendly/toxic items in their waiting room. Is there any list out there on things that are bad for cats (to include plants, etc?).
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