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thank you

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don't know where else to say this but just want to thank everyone here for maiking me welcome, i never knew there were so many other people that love cats too!!! best site on the net by FAR! cheers!

ps. right now there is 2 cats asleep here in my room on the couch in beds i made for them with jackets and pillows that they love! the other cat is asleep on my spare bed so theres no chance of anyone moving him anytime soon!!!!!! they all just tucked into some chicken breast i had and now they are all snoring like troopers! lol (sad eh!) if only u knew how bad i really spoil them!!!!! ha ha

im shay by the way 25 male from ireland
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Hello, and welcome to TCS! Nice to makq acquaintance with any cat lovers! Can you send us pics of Ireland? I've always wanted to go there, I'm part Irish...
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Welcome to TCS!!
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