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Really, really disturbing behaviour...

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Hi all, I would really appreciate some help with an ongoing problem with my 4yr old tom. From what I've been told he was a stray kitten till he was about two when I heard about him and rescued him. He was neutered at two, but continuously attempts to hump my forearms at night (very unpleasant and painful way to be woken!). He is active and stimulated during the day, and never humps anything else, not even other cats as far as I can tell, so its not through boredom. My friends think its hilarious but I'm at my whiskers end on this one. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Any suggestions other than shutting him out? Is it possible his spaying didn't work? He loves company and after such a rough start in life I don't like to keep him out in the cold. PLEASE HELP! D
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hehe, he LOVES you thats all!
no i agree that would be a bit disturbing though...
You could have a vet check him out and see if the neutering was unsuccessfull.
I would do that.
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About 10% of neutered males will retain normal sexual behavior even after neutering. If he mated before he was clipped, he now has this ingrained behavior in him and it will be difficult to stop, because for him, it is perfectly natural. Your vet should be consulted, there are medications that he can go on that will ease this behavior considerably. He is using you because he is confined and there are no fertile females around, so he goes for the scent he knows- yours.
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