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Sugartoes and Blue were both adopted today!

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I am so very happy right now! At the cat show today, Sugartoes and Blue both were adopted! We had quite a few people stop by, and then two guys named Todd and Joseph took a close look at Blue. They were looking for a companion to their two cats and one dog. Blue was just what they were looking for! And they were everything I wanted for Blue. Experienced cat owners, with a cat at home for Blue to cuddle with. I told them about her feral beginnings, and they are prepared for her. They are accepting of her rambunctiousness as a kitten, her cuddliness, and her times of shying away if you reach for her. They will keep working on her taming process. She came home with me as she is scheduled for her spay on Tuesday, but next Saturday she goes home with them forever.

At the moment when they decided for sure they wanted her, I almost had tears in my eyes. It is lucky that I am keeping her for one more week. The idea of saying good-bye to Blue is so bittersweet. She is such a love, and jumps on my lap every night. I will miss her when she is gone, but I am so happy that they seem so perfect for her, and she for them!

Then a lady with 2 girls named Taylor and Sarah choose Sugartoes. For months, my lovely Sugartoes has been going to cat shows, and while people look at her, she is never "the one". Until today. She has gone to a loving home. She will be the only cat, but there is a cat friendly dog in the home. They seem like they will be great for Sugar, and she will do well there I think. She isn't very friendly with my other cats, and really didn't like the kittens I foster. So although I'm sure it will be an adjustment to be in a new home, within a few weeks I think she will be very happy with her new family to love.

I also sent 3 kittens from CoCo's litter to a new foster home, and they have people lined up to adopt them when they get a little older. So this morning, I had 11 cats inside. Once Blue is gone next Saturday, I will be down to 6!

My friend Leslie from work stopped by the cat show with her kitten Ozzy. During the 15 minutes Leslie was there, both Blue and Sugartoes were adopted! I hope I can talk her into coming to more shows!

Thanks to all who helped as I fostered Sugartoes and her kittens, and then Blue and her sister Jasmine (previously called Red). I only have CoCo and her two remaining kittens to rehome, and then I am down to just my 3 cats. I am so looking forward to the break on litterboxes! LOL!
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Hooray!!! I'm glad there's a happy ending for all of you!
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congratulations perhaps i can send you my foster.
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Great job! I'm happy they went to good homes!
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Well that's just great news! I know you've been worried about getting Sugartoes a good home. Congrats to little Blue, too!
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Am so pleased to hear that, especially for Sugartoes
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Great news Becky! I`m sure it makes you feel so satisfied to find good homes for these babies. I hope that their new people will be willing to give you updates in a few weeks!
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I'm fairly new to the group, since December, but I've followed your saga with Sugartoes enough to be so pleased for her good fortune!!!!
Bless you and your foster kitties as they go to new homes-- bittersweet for sure.
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magic ,
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Thanks, everyone. As soon as they were adopted, I knew I had to let everyone here at TCS know as soon as possible. One of the other foster ladies was very sad about losing Sugartoes, although she had only been at her home for a few days before I got her, when she was still pregnant.

And of course, now that I am home, I really miss seeing her in her special spots. I had a dark towel hanging in the bathroom near where Sugartoes liked to sit on the windowsill. After seeing it out of the corner of my eye a few times, and thinking it was Sugar, I gave up and changed the towel! LOL! Even dh said he is going to miss her.

And Blue is being extra sweet and crawling up on my lap. And the kitten room seems very quiet now. I am seriously considering giving up fostering for a while, so that makes it a little harder. But 11 cats is really too much for me. I don't know how some of you do it all the time!
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That must be hard for you, even knowing they are in good homes. I really admire people like you who foster and then have to say goodbye.
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Thanks, Jenny. The odd thing is, that it is getting harder and harder to give them up! It seems like it would get easier. Honestly, the babies were easiest to give up. But Sugartoes has been here for 7-1/2 months. And Blue has been such a little miracle girl. Anyhow, there is a sadness in losing a good kitty friend, but also relief. It is good to look at how close I am with my kitties, and know I helped that happen for someone else.
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That's great news!
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I spoke to Sugartoes new Mom today. They are loving her.

Remember how I sent her to a new foster home for a week, and she wouldn't eat except from a spoon? Not a problem at her new home. She is eating just fine. The kids love her, and she has met the dog. She apparently gave the dog some grief, but I'm sure Sugartoes will have that dog trained in no time! LOL!

I think Sugar is a very smart girl...and she knows she is in a good home where she is loved. I am certain that she will be even happier than she has been at our house, because she is THE cat, and doesn't have any pesky kittens to bug her.
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