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Another Spring Baby!

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Purebred Friesan foal.....
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Wow! What beauties! What are their names?
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Your horses are stunning!

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oh I wish! If I could only, I love friesans but don't have the pocketbook to accomodate them. These beauties I just stole off another horse board......
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What a beautiful pair! How old is the foal?
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So beautiful! When I was a young teenager, as I read the Black Stallion series, I dreamed of raising horses someday. Of course that's before I realized it would take money, lots of money. It was a lovely dream, though.
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OMG, that is beautiful!! I LOVE black horses! When I was real young, I dreamed of having a coal black horse with a snow white mane and tail! Of course I've never seen one!!
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I wanted the exact same horse! Never found one though.

The mare's name is Dolly and the baby is Gossamer. Gossamer is 4 days old here.
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I love the foal's name, Gossamer! What beauties.
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Oh, so beautiful!

The baby has such a delicate look, next to mama's sturdy hooves. I don't know much about horses, but mama reminds me of Clydesdales. Is that accurate at all?
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But actually Friesans are related more in the class with Lippizans. They are from the Netherlands and were used as carriage and dressage horses. In America it is strictly enforced within the registry that the friesans are mated correctly with the same breed and the babies are purebred. Some mares and stallions cost more than a small house! They are remarkable because they are very gentle (like the drafts) and very loyal and bond to usually one person in particular. If I ever hit the lottery, one is going out in my pasture. They are marvelous horses!
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Aww they are just beautiful!!
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Very beautiful. I didn't know that purebred horses cost that much!
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