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IE thinks I'm offline

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Lately I've been seeing this alert box quite a bit when I open my browser or request the browser to load a new page:

Thing is, I'm NOT offline. As soon as I click "Try again" then it proceeds to load the requested page. I can even start up my Eudora email client and check my email WHILE that alert box is up, so I know I'm actually online.

I'm using Windows XP Pro, SP2 and IE 6.0, SP2, with all patches up-to-date. This only started happening quite recently.

And ideas, folks? Thanks.....
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Remembering back in the days I used IE, clearing the cache and temp files used to help with that. Virus scanners can be the culprit also (particularly Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm)

Also turn off the ability for IE to work offline from the file menu.

ETA: Found this - has a few solutions you can try
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Thanks for the link...will check that out. The other things I've done (including ditching Norton and Zone Alarm )
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Well, that's interesting -- IE isn't in my Add/Remove Programs control panel, and my Registry already has those two entries they recommend adding. I did find somethiing about default browser, which was set to "use my current program" which I reset to IE. I installed Firefox a couple weeks ago to check it out, and now that I think about it, this problem started soon thereafter. So hopefully, that change takes care of it. Time will tell......
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