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Smart Cat

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I went to the garden center near where I live today. A beautiful yellow and white tabby cat was sitting on the counter when I went to check out. The cat came over and just purred and let me pet it. They were surprised because they said the cat usually would try to slap people who tried to pet it.
Anyway, they gave the cat to someone who lives about four to five miles from the garden center. On the second day at its new home, the cat made a run for it between someone's legs and went out the door. Somehow the cat found its way back five miles down the road to the garden center. They say the cat is there for good now. I think it is so neat how this cat knew how to get back home. However I have read stories of cats finding their way home from many more miles away than five. Anyone of you know of any similar experience?
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I've heard alot of stories about things like that...cats are very intelligent...it's always so nice to hear stories like that though!
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We had friends that moved into a home about 15 miles from here. There was a big black and white cat that just hung around on thier porch and would make a dash into the house every time it got a chance, jump up on thier couch and acted like it lived there. They surmized that the people who moved out had just left him behind.
They had never had a cat before and did`nt think they really wanted him...so I told them to bring him to me.
As soon as they got out of the van with him a neighbor dog came running over and chased him up a large tree in our front yard. He would`nt come down, even after I called the the neighbor to come and get thier dog. I figured he`d come down when he was ready and left food for him.
The next morning he was gone.
2 weeks later he appeared on our friends front porch again. He`d traveled the 15 miles to get back home...and home he was!.....They figured after all he`d been through to get back to them that they`d keep him.
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That is just so amazing to me. Cats have to be brilliant to do that.
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There was the story of a cat a few months ago from Wisconsin, USA, that somehow wandered away from home, got its way to one of the great lakes shipping docks, ended up in a shipping container, which got loaded onto a ship destined for France.

Once in France, the container was opened and out popped this starving cat. They think the poor thing was in the container for a 2 or 3 weeks and survived on a couple mice (must have been a catagory 1 mouse hunter per my survey). Someone in France brought it to a vet; they nursed it back to health. For some reason, even more time passed before someone noticed it had a collar with tags in english. They tracked it down to the owner who had by then given up all hope of getting their cat back.

The cat was held in quarantine (per French law) for 30 more days. The owner also had to pay about a thousand dollars to get their cat flown back home.

I know, not a smart cat finding its way a big distance, but a great far traveled and lucky cat nevertheless.
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