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Do I let them go or voice my objections?

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I have become quite attached to two HS kittens. They are almost 5 months old. One is gray & the other is a tabby stripe. I would take these two home if mom & dad would let me. They are the first kitties I go see & I say goodbye to them last. I got told today that they are sending 3 kittens to a rescue. There were 4 they were considering sending & one got adopted today. The rescue wants 3 young male/female altered kittens. "My" two kittens aren't altered yet, but they could be altered as soon as Tuesday. The HS is open tue eve 6-8, thur eve6-8, & sat morning/afternoon10-2. I have to say something on Tuesday if I am going to. There are two other younger males(4 month old brothers-altered), one feral black 10 week old kitten, one tame black 10 week old kitten, & one gray female(altered) that came in missing an eye. I do not understand why they don't send someone other than "my two boys." They know that I am really attached to them. I would like to see them go to a home near me. Then if they come back to the HS, it will be this one. This HS will keep an animal until it gets a new home or send it to a rescue. It has been 4 years since they had have to have an animal pts. Is it possible the rescue will have them pts?

Do I tell the HS how attached I really am to these kittens & ask them not to send them? If they go I know I will cry. I cry thinking about them being gone, never seeing them again. I cannot bring them home with me, not even to foster them as dad doesn't really like the two I have & mom doesn't like the litter smell that much. They just aren't cat people. I don't think they will let me adopt them since I am living home, unless I can get mom & dad permission. I cannot afford to get an apt until after I graduate from college in 2 years. What do I do?

*edited to add: Is this really selfish? I mean, I want them to find the perfect home, but they panick so bad in new situations. I am afraid the move to a new rescue, & then the move to a new home would be really really hard on them.*
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it's obvious you are very attached to these kitties. ask your parents about adopting them and see what they say. it doesn't hurt to ask and at least you'll have a response from them. it's better that you ask and know how they feel about it. you never know; they might fall in love with them too. let the hs know you are interested in the cats and are seriously considering adopting them. if you can't adopt them then you know you'll have to let them go to the rescue and a good home. keep us posted.
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I understand a little of what you are feeling. My foster kitten Blue got adopted today, and although I know she needs a forever home, at the point the couple decided to keep her for sure, I almost cried. I also sent 3 kittens to a new foster home, and my foster kitty Sugartoes got adopted. Part of helping in rescue or shelters is loving cats, then moving them to a new home.

The HS seems to have very limited adoption hours, and I'm sure the rescue is no-kill. You could ask to be sure. But it seems like your main objection to moving the kittens is that you would miss them. However, as you noted, you don't have the choice right now to adopt them. At 5 months, those kittens are just about to start looking like full grown cats, and then their chances of adoption drop.

If they are currently living in a cage, and have the opportunity to be shown more often, and more likely get a loving home, it seems to me that the best for them is to go to the rescue, no matter how much it hurts you to say good-bye.

Also, moving them now allows the HS more room for other needy cats and kittens. And remember, it is so likely that they will become someones beloved kitty, living in a home, sleeping in bed with their new family. They need that.

Best of luck to you as you help at the HS. The love you have shown those kittens has made them more loving and loveable, and will help their chances of adoption. You have done a good thing!
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What about asking your parents if you can foster them?
Then you can all see what it is like to have cats around and your parents can decide. Do you know what their reason is for not caring much for cats? If they don't really have a good reason, suggest fostering.

Oh and if your shelter is against euthanizing, then I highly doubt they would send some of their kittens to a rescue that will put them to sleep. Especially if your shelter hasn't put a cat to sleep in 4 years, I don't think they would let the kittens be in danger of having that happen.
Plus, if the place they are going to really is a "rescue" then they probably aren't euthanizing just for room. if they were then they probably wouldn't offer to take in some of a no-kill shelter's cats, when they might just be put to sleep in a few days. That is really all they usually have in kill shelters, just a few days. It just wouldn't make any sense.
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Have you considered volunteering for a rescue group that can take them, so you could keep tabs on them?
I don't think any rescue group would turn down assistance from someone as passionate about cats as you.
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I think you should let them go.
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Well, I checked the website & was thrilled to see one of "my" kittens as the featured pet. I looked through the list of adoptable pets & none of the three they were talking about sending are listed anymore. It looks like they are gone. I did a search for theire names, but I didn't come up with anything. I wish the rescue they went to were close. I would love to help out, but it is somewhere in the Twin Cities which is a 3 hour drive from me.
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If you can't take them into your home, then you should let them go to rescue. The shelter is no place for kittens to grow up. In a rescue they will be able to grow up in a foster home and have a more normal, fun life until they are adopted. It's really the best place for them, short of a real home.
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