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Our yard is in full bloom!

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The fruit trees are blossoming, the camillas and magnolias and rhodies are all coming out, it is a beautiful sight to behold! I love Spring!
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Not yet up here, still pretty cold!

Sounds beautiful!
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I totally agree with you hissy. I was out in the woods and it's not as quiet as it used to be. The birds are chirping and bugs are buzzing around. The sun poured down through the trees and onto the pond making the water look very inviting.
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Yesterday I was remarking to a friend that I had not seen my daffodils this beautiful for years. Today I awakened to the rhododendron outside the window blooming. Isn't it remarkable? There is a bird feeder right outside of the window, and I have been watching the poor little things puffed up all winter, trying to keep warm. Now, there is a family of birds building a nest under the eaves. Spring never fails to thrill me. I'm so grateful for nature!
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I love it when the flowers bloom, they make everything look so bright and cheerful! We don't have flowers blooming here yet, but we have had some nice spring rain and warmer temperatures so we won't have to wait too much longer!

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Hissy, you are SO lucky! None of my flowers or fruit trees (apple) are blossoming yet!

I have surprise lillies, iris,tiger lillies, etc, that have popped up and are green, but no flowers on them yet.

I can't wait for some of my perenials to come up, like my tulips!!!

Hubby spent the better part of today making a new flower bed out of timbers, and planting a bunch of flowers in them. He loves this kind of stuff, and I love letting him do it! I love the flowers, but not the work...:laughing:
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I don't know from flowers in Texas (nothing I'm used to from New England blooms at the right time down here)

But I spotted my first robin today!

Nothing says Spring to me like a robin does . . .
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