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Saturday Mornings At My House

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Here is Nakita and Rob's Saturday morning ritual:

Nakita rides around on Rob's shoulder while we clean up the kitchen after breakfast. She hitching a ride on the weekends.
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What a gorgeous cat I had 2 cats that used to ride my shoulders Macavity and Kayos that picture brings back so many memories! My babies now don't like riding! I miss them both so much but they both lived well till about 13 years each
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Nakita is so cute She looks like she is enjoying the ride
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That is so adorable!
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What a great way to spend a morning!

Just beautiful!
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So nice to see Nakita's pretty face this morning !
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Beautiful eyes!
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What a beautiful cat. I just love those big green eyes.
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What a Beautiful Cat!! Wow!! Stormy just started liking rides on our shoulders.
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How beautiful!! She looks like she's enjoying her ride!
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Awwww, there's sweet little Nakita! What a love!
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Mooch is a shoulder rider too. Makes you feel soooo good they want to be held!
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Awww...Such a sweetheart!
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Our Snoozie use to live on our shoulders. She would drape herself over us like a neck wrap - front legs on one side and back legs on the other. She would ride there all day if we let her.
RIP - She passed away 2 months ago at the age of 19 years.
She was the perfect cat.
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Nismo is a shoulder rider!! Sleeves has never done this but Nismo loves it! That is a great pic by the way!
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