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Would you?

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If you could get away with it would you cheat on your taxes?

I saw this as a poll on netscape.com today and thought it would be an interesting question to ask.

Honestly, I couldn't. I guess I'm just too honest of a person.

So, would you?
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I'm with you, BH, I couldn't cheat. Not necessarily because of the honesty issue. More of the FEAR issue. They do random audits and I would be mortified if the IRS were to find that I cheated. I've heard such horror stories about what they do to people who alter their taxes. Now, I've made some honest mistakes, and the IRS has corrected them and sent me a notice. Even that scared me!
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Oh, look! Another Coloradian! We're taking over!

I agree... it's more an issue of fear than anything.... I've been audited before!
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There's a lady down the street who cheats every year. I am amazed she hasn't been caught yet. I could never do it.
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Nah, who needs to cheat? The IRS has loads of nifty, real and legal tax breaks I take all the time. I like doing my taxes well, and that includes doing them honestly and right.
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I make enough mistakes, without intentionally cheating!

I started working when I was 16, and I was audited 3 times before I was 25. I don't know if that means I'm marked, or if I've met my quota and they'll never bother me again . . .
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Since I work for the gov't and taxes pay gov't employees wages, I couldn't cheat as it may affect any negiotated pay increases during union bargianing!
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I don't think that I could ever cheat on my taxes either. I would feel too guilty and I would be so worried and scared that I would get audited. I guess that I am just too much of an honest person. I am already worried b/c hubby won $5,000 on an online casino and he doesn't want to claim that on our taxes for next year. What exactly happens when the IRS audits someone?
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I couldn't cheat. I am totally paranoid this year because I feel like we don't have enough forms to send in! I just know that my luck isn't good enough to get away with it.
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LOL Ady that's the best reason I've heard yet!
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NO WAY! Messing with the IRS is like owing money to the mob! Ateacher at school was just saying today that her former husband cheated the IRS while they were married, unbeknownst to her. When they caught up with him, they had divorced, but the IRS seized her bank accounts. Another girl I used to work with had a husband who got in major trouble with the IRS. Her wages were garnished for the entire time I worked with her. Her paycheck was next to nothing. They never used their home address for anything; kept a mailbox at Mailboxes Etc. for fear of being located. It's like legal extortion.
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I couldn't.......I'm the type of person who would constantly be thinking about what I did and if/when I would get caught. It's not worth it.
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Definetely not!! I have enough worry if I filled out everything correctly now! If I add on "cheats" here and there, I'd be caught for sure!! I hate tax time...although I scored big this time around!!
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