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Cat peeing on beds

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I am at my wits end. I have a 3 year old domestic male neutered cat who was great up until Oct. He urinated on my sofa on a throw, then a few days later on our bed in front of us. A trip to the vet said a slight case of crystals. A complete change of diet and recheck showed no crystals. We added a second litter box upstairs. Thanksgiving he peed on the guest room bed right before company were to go to bed. Same thing over Christmas. We thought he was showing his displeasure over the company. Thorough cleaning and we started letting him go outdoors when we are home. He seemed ok for a while but last night we discoverd he had peed on that same bed three times in the last couple of weeks. No company this time. What are we to do???
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Well, first thing is that the crystals can re occur. I would take him and have him tested again. Some cats and even male cats are prone to these things. Sometimes the prescription diet is not the right one or complete cure.
If he checks out okay with the vet, you may want to try and re potty train. Put him in a bathroom with food,water,bed and litter box for at least a week. When he has used his box in there consistantly he can come out and see if he uses the boxes.
Have there been any changes in the house? Is he declawed? These kinds of things could mean he has issues.
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