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She really is a loving cat...

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Following in the footsteps of a few others here...

Finally... proof (in the form of a LONG video clip) that JoJo isn't always a scaredy-cat. See, she doesn't like strangers. If there's a knock at the door, she freaks and hides. Strangers never see her, but a streak of orange fur. So here is a nice little Quicktime movie (which I've futzed over for the last three hours) showing how she is with me.

This was the middle of a larger, nearly three minute piece, but for server space issues, I cut the cutest part and uploaded that.

JoJo the Movie Star

God, I love my Mac.

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that was brill she obviously loves the camera!! She's gorgeous too!!
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she loves the camera when it's in my hands... and since it was, she was all rubby-rubby over it... she's a goofball, but most visitors NEVER see that side of her. when my friend was here from CA a while back, she was here for about 9 days... about the 6th day, JJ came out of hiding while said friend was awake. She only came out when my friend was asleep... this is how much of a scaredy-cat she is. but she's a total love-bug with me. Next movie I'll get her meowing... I swear.

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She is adorable. My kitties don't like strangers, either but they're big babies with me. About the only cat of mine that won't hide from strangers is SunLee, and she'll stay around as long as they don't try to pet her. If they do, she's off in a flash also.
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What a doll she is!!, I love seeing all these video's of everyones kitties!!, I really like the part where Jo Jo was purring and giving the camera head butts!
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Awwww she's so sweet! I heard her purring as well bless her
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Yeah... JJ you hear purring a mile away. Jack on the other hand, if I make a video of him, it'll be a silent film, since he doesn't even squeak... you have to feel him to know if he's purring or not. He's the 'strong silent type' of kitty.

Okay... I really should stop playing and get back to the laptop and the sitll unfinished novel.

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What a HOOT!! I love those extreme JoJo close-ups!!!
I am LOVING watching all these kitty videos!!!!!!
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Very cute! I love how she headbutted the camera
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What a cutie! I loved it when he head-butted the camera. Definitely a love-bug!
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