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She's going to be 3 this year - can you believe it? And she's still just as "kitten-y" as ever. She has mellowed a little bit with her age - and she does, sometimes, enjoy being petted - though mostly she likes to pet us (with her rough little tongue). But she's still an incredible purr monster, and she's still just so darn cute!

...and she LOVES the basket at the top of the cat tree in our bedroom. She'll get into the funniest positions in there, and she loves either "peeking" out of it or sitting up to survey the domain....

... a classic pose of our deaf little girl... (paw waving to snare attention)

And how could this possibly be comfortable? She's completely upside down in the basket with her head mushed into the sheepskin!

... The right way up, after being woken up (by me taking pics, lol!)

And, as always, the little angel.....

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What a doll!
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She looks good Laurie! She couldn't have chosen a better home. Bless you for your feral cat efforts.
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Shes precious! The picture of her waving her paw is so cute.
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I gotta say - of course I'm a proud mum, but she really IS just such a doll, lol! She can really be an imp because she is SO playful and mischievous - but it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to get mad at her with that cute little face.

And amazingly, she hasn't had a flare-up of the herpes virus (that took her eye when rescued). As a matter of fact, except for that first year, she hasn't even had a cold! Doc is amazed she's doing so well, and we are just SOOOOO thankful!!!!!
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What a gorgeous girl!
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What a precious little angel she is. It warms my heart to see how happy and healthy she is. You are an angel yourself for giving her such a wonderful and loving home.
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what an absolutely adorable babe I love her!!!
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Awwww Flowerbelle can you get anymore gorgeous!!
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what a sweetie
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Oh what an ANGEL!!! I *especially* love that first picture, where she's peeking! I love her!!
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Awwwww Flowerbelle, what an absolutely beautiful angel you are!
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WOW! She looks so good! Hard to believe she is the same poor little creature you rescued.
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She's definitely making up for her most difficult start in life! She's grown into such a beautiful little girl! And SO cute!
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Originally Posted by LDG
And how could this possibly be comfortable? She's completely upside down in the basket with her head mushed into the sheepskin!

I was thinking as I looked at the pictures how prim and proper she looked in all of them. Then I saw this!

It's good to know that even a little princess has feet of clay!
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Flowerbelle is such an adorable little girl.
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