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Things you miss

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I was thinking about this yesterday as I was starting my 'favorite quotes' thread. I miss Calvin and Hobbes. I miss the awesome burgers at the restaurant where I had my first job. (The restaurant's been demolished, so I can't even visit and get one.) I miss taking road trips with my friends with no real purpose and no deadline. I miss the best donuts in the world, from the Daylight Donuts in the town where I grew up, though I can still get those when I visit. (For the record, I do not miss banana clips or acid wash denim. Egad.)

New blessings fill your life as you get older, but still, sometimes when you least expect it the memories of things that have passed comes back. What do you miss?
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I was thinking of alot of things I miss...and they are from my home town, but I am on my way home in a week!

These are some of the things I have missed the most...

-the might be boring to some compared to here but it's home and I love all of the farmland.
-East Side Mario's and Tony Roma's
- and of course my family & friends

I was also thinking about a few resturants I used to love to go to when I was little..

Big Boy..I used to eat their spaghetti (I still remember how it tastes) and for dessert I would have their hot fudge ice cream cake!

& the other place was Long John Silver!...geez I miss that!
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Only things I can think of that I really miss...are not from my childhood...they are things I`ve been missing in the last year since I`ve got cats..and that`s (I know this sounds really stupid) my plants and my doilies! I used to have them everywhere and had to give them the cats have the run of the house except for the din room table and the kit counters.....and I was afriad of them eating something that might make them sick in the plant department.... and the doilies....well they were NEVER staying I gave them and the plants all away. I figure they are small things to have to miss for all the "PLUSES" of having our 2 "boys"...(and it does actually make dusting easier too!)
I sort of miss being able to put the roll of toilet paper so that it rolls from over the top forward too....but ya`ll KNOW what happens to it when you do that when you have cats!
Now don`t ya`ll just feel soooo sorry for poor little ole me? :-)
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I miss all my loved ones who have died and that includes most recently, Max, my sweetheart cat who died last July. I miss him so much it seems like my arms ache to hold him once more. I miss a car I used to have which was a Dodge Dynasty. Someone pulled out in front of me and the car was totalled. I always felt cheated because I was not ready to give it up. I am missing 13 pounds I just lost, but that is a good thing to be missing, right.
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I miss Calvin and Hobbes too I recently visited my parents and found my old comics and didn't have room in my suitcase to bring them back home with me. I miss my little sister Reagan (3yo) who lives in Texas with my parents still, and my little sister Lauren (5yo) RIP. I miss my childhood, I grew up way to fast. I miss my car that was totalled lol. And I miss the money that I spent on college! And I miss my friends that became alcoholics when I started college lol.
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I am missing 13 pounds I just lost, but that is a good thing to be missing, right.
Sometimes it's good to miss things!

I miss the landscape of Canterbury - flat plains stretching out to the Southern Alps on the western horizon.
I miss everyone else having a funny accent so they don't all make fun of me when I say "eggs" and "ten".
I miss good old New Zealand fish 'n' chips for $2 a big tasty feed. Good kai!

lizch6699 - that's terrible about you little sister.
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I miss my Mum and co, my Dad and my babies (little brother and sister) who just live too far away, my dog Polly (RIP), my friends from school, Fraser Mr Phraseypops RIP you angel - my bestest buddy who died almost 3 looong years ago, getting my meals cooked and my washing done for me, doing stupid spur of the moment things with my friends, (although I love being with Mark), Sex and the City and being debt free.
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I miss my grandmother's chicken & dumplings and her chocolate meringue pie. Mine are good and, although I make them the way she taught me, they just aren't quite the same.

I also miss Johnny's Drive-In. Sunday nights, after church, a whole crowd of us would go there for hot fudge sundaes.
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Ugh, lately I have been missing a lot of things...
I miss Mark and Kayla, even though I know I'm better off, I still miss the way his smile lit up my whole world. I miss telling Kayla there were green beans in everything just so she'd eat it. I miss her after bath time smell when she was all clean and snuggly and reading a book on my lap. Ok, I could go on and on about these but I don't feel like crying right now.
I miss my ex-husband, believe it or not. He was perfect for me, in every way, except that he became an alcoholic. I sometimes get angry that we had such a good marriage/relationship/friendship but he threw it all away on drinking. And I miss the 3 cats he took when we got divorced.
I miss my grandpa. He's been gone for almost 20 years but I still miss him. He always called me his "little farmer girl" when I came to visit him in the city.
From my childhood I miss lazy days of summer, not having to do anything. I miss days when I didn't have constant pain of one sort or another.
I miss this little drive in place called Kilte that my mom and I used to go for french fries and chocolate ice cream. It still exists but I only get out that far about once a year now.
I miss my foster sister that we adopted when I was 16, before she turned in to an evil We had good time together. I haven't see her in like 10 years.
I miss too many things....maybe we should start a "What don't you miss" thread, or a "what are you happy about/grateful for" thread, to cheer us up after thinking about all this sad stuff....sigh....
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I miss Texas Tom's tenderloin sandwiches, and BB's Barbeque in Kansas City, and being able to see live shows at the Hurricne and Grand Emporium. I loved it there.
I miss my home town, Augusta, GA. My daughter and granddaughter live there, so I still get to go there.
I miss my Chevy Caprice. It had been a police car. Someone stole it from behind the tattoo shop my s/o worked at in KC.
I miss my best friend that passed away 7 years ago.
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I miss being able to sit on the front porch and have a nice cold beer.
I've been sober for nearly a year, and I still miss alcohol every day of my life, and I guess I always will.

I miss having female friends. I seem to have forgotten how to make friends with women, and its really hard. I have my family and my boyfriend, but there is nothing like girl talk. I see pictures of my college friends that I had before I had to leave, and they are all hugging and looking happy. I don't remember the last time I had a girlfriend like that.

I miss being a little kid and not having to worry about school and rent and the future.

Lastly, I miss my family. They live in Chicago and I live in Minneapolis. Its not TERRIBLY far, but its far enough that I can't just drop by on the weekends. I miss my mom a lot.
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I miss not having to pay bills!!

And a lot of other things, but it's hard for me to dwell..*shrug*
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I miss...a week off in March, 2 weeks off in December/January, and 3 months off for summer. I miss not having to worry about bills - the biggest concern was if it was raining we couldn't go out to "the field" to play.

I miss being in college and actually learning new things all the time. I miss being able to set my schedule the way I wanted to, and staying in the dorm to take a nap instead of going to class if I really wanted to.

I miss the friends that I have lost contact with from elementary school, from junior high, from high school, from college, and after that too. It's too easy to let those friendships dwindle to nothing before you realize that they really were very special.

And more than anything, I miss my Mom. She passed away 6 years ago. The anniversary is in 6 days. She was my best friend, an inspiration in how to be a good person.
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I miss being 16 and carefree. Having friends and enjoying life together. Sleeping in and skipping class. Staying up because I'm a night time person. And having time to be creative instead of beating myself up for not doing the things I should be cleaning! I miss shopping and fitting into what I want to wear! I miss dances and get-togethers. I miss my abs! And most of all, I miss my RB kitties, Glory, Tiger, and Tinsel.
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I miss my dad, and my grandmother's cooking - sitting around the table with them having coffee and pustie's from The Florentine Bakery.

I miss being young and playing with my 3 male cousins, those years when it was just the 4 of us grandchildren, and I was so tiny the space between the couch and the wall was like an alleyway, and I would enjoy crawling behind and hiding behind that couch

I miss riding on the side of the tractor as my grandpa drove up to the upper pastures.

I miss the days when Burger King wasn't a chain, and you had to be in the Miami area to get one...and they cost just 45 cents

I miss being able to be up all night and still not look tired (or wrinkled) AND be able to be coherent!

I miss being a size 10 and I miss having ahem's that don't sag.

I miss my friends that I left when I married, we should be growing old (which by the way I have redefined as over 65 ) together, I should be able to hold one friends new grandson - born of the son she was pregnant with when I first met her.

I miss my years of writing poetry, I'd like the muse to come back.

I miss the smell of October in Central NY, the look of the harvest moon, the color of the maples in Fall..the smell on the wind when snow was coming.
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I miss australia, the land, the animals the beautiful smell that lingers in the air.. the smell of the ocean breeze and the sounds of the birds cheerping even in winter time.

They just started showing a tv show called "Mc Leods Daughter" its australian but dubbed into german, i literally cant watch it because it makes me cry.

I also miss being young, and not having to worry about bills or getting a job or what my education has to be!

Oh and i miss my mum
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I miss having someone around to take care of... and who can take care of me when I'm down.
There certainly are a lot of advantages to being single, but after over a year and a half, I really miss being in a relationship for many reasons (and not just the ones mentionned above )

I also miss having a dog. I miss Bindy and Nicky (pet rats I've had in the past who were especially friendly) and I especially miss my "adoptive family".

Aside from that, there's not much I miss from my past. Not because my life is near-perfect... but because my childhood and especially my teenage years were pretty unhappy. I would never want to go back
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ive got a few things that i miss

1 my moms home made stew
2 a very special freind who i mess the freindship up with and they know who they are
3 my gran w
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I miss family family - they only live 2 hours away but only getting to see them once or twice a month really is a downer sometimes - they were just here today for a visit and I'm on cloud nine right now!

I miss my old friends that I lost after me and my ex broke up.

I also miss being in high school and not having to worry about money, bills or anything like that - oh to be carefree and no worries!!
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I miss when things used to be easier then they are now, I miss my first hubby who has been gone almost 11 years, I miss when my grandkids were smaller, My farovite cat Garby, I still miss My mom and Dad, I guess I miss the old times when things were easier and better.
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I miss both my dad and my grandfather very much.

I miss being young and oblivious.

I miss being able to take every blanket in the house and make a huge fort. I miss climbing trees and having sleep overs. When a 2 mile trip to a friend's house was an adventure on my bike and not a quick drive in the car.

Getting up early on a Saturday morning to stay in my pjams, eat cereal and watch cartoons instead of going to work. Playing house instead of actually having to worry about how I'm going to pay this month's rent.

What I would give to have the imagination and innocence of childhood back...
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