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We're hitting the road!

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When we moved out of the RV and into the house last year, we built an RV pad for "Holly" (before money was so tight!). We'd been full-time in the RV for 11 years, and we (and the five cats at the time) were ready for more space. We have to get down to Florida for a job interview, and my parents are moving out of their home in Brunswick, GA to move into a retirement community (a condo) in Birmingham, AL.

We've figured it twenty ways from Sunday, and given that we don't have anyone we trust that would take care of the kitties for free while we're gone, we've decided to head down there with the RV instead of in the car.

We pulled everything but the kitchen, bed and cabinets out of the RV as we were in the process of cleaning and redoing her. We've emptied the RV completely, and she's going to (at least temporarily) become "the Kitty Coach." We're taking a bunch of the cat trees out of the house and putting them back in the RV. Because we're just going for a short trip, they can have almost all of the cabinets (which they can reach via the cat trees). We've cut holes in the sides of the storage space under the bed so they can get in and out of there multiple ways. We've found locations for the two litter robots and we'll have one regular (large) litterbox. It's not enough for six - but as five of them managed with two litterboxes for so long, hopefully they can make do for the two weeks!

We're not going to push it, so it'll take three days of seven hours of driving to get down there (Brunswick). We've decided not to tow the car, so my parents are going to let us use one of theirs. It'll be a really long day, but to get down to Boca we'll take the car and do a one-day round trip.

We'll stay for 5 days - a week - depends on how long it takes to help sort through what they haven't done by the time we get down there. So the whole trip will take 12 days - 2 weeks. We've already got the Feliway and the Bach's stress remedy ready to go...

We've started telling the kitties every day what's going on, so hopefully that will help. And it looks like we'll be taking off next Thursday. We're not fooling ourselves - we know it will be stressful for them. But we've had so many health issues with so many of our kitties, we don't feel comfortable leaving them in the house with questionable care for that long, and we can't afford boarding. The higher cost of gasoline in the bus is still so much cheaper than boarding - which is stressful for them anyway. And my parents are unloading some furniture on us, and it is SO MUCH cheaper to drive it back ourselves rather than use shipping, movers, or renting a U-Haul. So .... maybe wish us luck!
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Wow! Best of luck. You'll probably have headaches along the way, but look at it this way: it's an adventure! How often in adult life do we really get adventures?
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Yes! Think of it as a adventure! One with furry sidekicks and smelly litterboxes to keep you company.
Hope the journey goes well.
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Good luck with the trip, Laurie!

And more than that - GOOD LUCK with the job interview!!! Sending you and Gary LOTS of "Get the Job" vibes!
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It does sound like an adventure, but I'm sure you, Gary, and the kitties will be able to cope. Good luck with the job interview, and have a fun trip!
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Good luck with the trip! It sounds like quite the adventure.
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Oh my gosh...I`m depressed just reading about this trip! I`d hate a trip that long in any vehicle, let alone with the cats! Guess i`m REALLY getting to be a homebody the older I get. A weekend or a 3 day "long-weekend" is the longest i EVER hope to be gone from home...for the rest of my life!
Bless your hearts i hope all goes well for you, the cats and the sorting ect.
try to cut out a bit of time to just enjoy yourself!
Good luck!
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Have a good time and have lots of stories to tell us when you get back!!
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Sounds like a great adventure! It is good to hear that you, Gary and the kitties are doing well. We miss you guys when you go away for long periods.
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Have fun!!
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Good luck to you all! Both for the trip and the interview!
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Have fun!!!!!
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Thanks for the good wishes! We've had to delay leaving from Thursday to Sunday because of work here. But that gives us a few more days to "prep" the kitties. I sure hope they understand what we're saying!

...and as to the adventure? My guess is that all of them save Tuxedo and maybe Ming Loy will hide under the bed for most of the trip. All of them but Ming Loy lived in the RV for a couple of years - but we never traveled with them in it. When we moved into the house, we weren't ready to move the RV, so the very last day we moved their trees, beds and toys, and then we moved them (in crates in the car). All of them but Tuxedo hid for days (or weeks!). We made sure to keep their food, water and litter near - and then they'd only come out at night. I have a fabulous pic of poor Spooky the night we moved into the house. I should go post it in the pics forums.

We used to turn the motor over in the RV regularly, however, and just that sent them hiding. I can't imagine that the motor-monstor combined with MOVING will improve their moods any, lol!

Hopefully after we're back home and settled in again, they'll look back and laugh at the adventure they hid through.
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Sounds like plenty fun Laurie! Have a good time.
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