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Indoor cat suddenly frantic to get outdoors

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My beautiful Isabeau, a chocolate siamese, has suddenly become frantic about getting out. She is a little over a year and a half old and is fixed. I have an enclosed patio with a six foot wood fence and a roof, there is about an 8 inch gap between the wall and the roof. About a month ago, she suddenly started jumping to the top of the wall, and then climbing onto the roof.

I have put up plastic chicken wire, and have had to adapt it several times as she has figured out ways to get around it. I've finally succeeded in making it cat proof. She still jumps to the top of the wall and walks along the chicken wire. She still trys to figure a way out.

Today for the first time, she ran out the door when I came home. I was able to get hold of her fairly easily but she is increasily frantic about trying to get out.

Thinking it might be a good idea to train her to go out on a leash in the hope it would satisfy her need, I used an old collar that was so big I put it around her middle, until I can get a harness that fits, and took her out for about 15 minutes on a leash. She mainly rolled over and over on the concrete.

She and my younger cat have always had a good relationship and play fight together off and on. After coming back in, Isabeau seems a bit more agressive and they have been wrestling quite a bit.

Any thoughts on why she suddenly is so frantic to get out. And any suggestions on the best way to handle this.

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Chances are good that even though she is fixed, there is an intact male coming into your yard and spraying his scent on your bushes and your home. This can drive any cat nuts. Have you looked into something like the purrfect fence or other cat proof fences? www.meowhoo.com has a category of Enclosures and cages under Basic Pet Supplies. Purr...Fect Fence is one of the listers but there are several website that give you ideas on how to make your cat safe outdoors.

It is difficult at best to just put a harness on a cat and expect her to understand that she can now go for walks. You have to introduce the rig to her over time, leave it lying in the house, around her food dish, let her play with it, sleep with it. Then when you do put it on her, you do so inside and you only leave it on her for about 10 minutes max several times a day for about 2 weeks. Once it is no big deal for her to have that on, you add a leash and allow her to drag the leash all over the house when she is wearing the harness. Most cats will just lay down the first time they have a harness on. So a gradual introduction is best.

I would also look into Comfort Zone Room Diffusers and burn a few in your home for your overwrought cat. But my money is on a stray coming in and getting her excited by his scent.
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There have been some cats around, I chased one off last night.

What are the Comfort Zone Room Diffusers you mentioned?

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Hissy - I clicked on that link to find out more about the enclosures for outdoors and couldn't believe it. Some of them are great! Just what I've been looking for and the prices aren't that bad. I was just wondering if you knew of anyone that had one of these enclosures. (Or anyone reading this post) - I was interested in the enclosures from the Catsden and the Purrfect fencing as well. They both look great. The fencing is a little more expensive and a little tougher to install though So I don't know which to go with? Or if one is better than the other? Or if there are other companies out there with other products? Or price cheaper anywhere?

Any advice from anyone?
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If you go to our column in Cat Snips ON the Prowl, Stacy reveiwed the Purr...Fect Fence and she was sold on it. I know this gal, she has a coyote mix in her front yard as well as cats she rescues. She loves this fence, keeps the cats in and she doesn't have to worry about them bolting out the door anymore. The other product is brand new to Meowhoo, so it is the first time I have seen it. I know of no one that has purchased it and used it.
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