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Poor kitty

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I feel bad but I can't help but laugh since my cats have done this more than a few times.

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I tried to watch this, but my dang Realplayer kept stopping in the middle of the buffering, it did it twice, so I will have to wait and try it later.
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LOL who said all cats are greceful
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Laughed til I cried!

And where did he think he was going anyway? Not even like there's a shelf or a window sill near there . . . .
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LOL Guess Kitty got startled! Racer did this once, was running and ran smack into the side of the barn! He didn't hurt himself, he just was so young and couldn't see it I guess. But I have never had a cat leap into a wall before! LOL
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:laughing: I'm laughing my butt off here...
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:laughing: I've had klutzy cats, like that. One of mine, from years back, FELL off of a California king size bed!
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That is really funny! lol

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That's soooo funny!

That must have really hurt, maybe next time he'll pay more attention to where he's going!
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I've seen my cat run into furniture while chasing a toy but he hasn't crashed into a wall - ouch! I have to say, kitty was viewing the clip w/a look fo concern. Or, maybe he was just staring to see where the noise was coming from :laughing2 .
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Too funny!
And just the other day, my Noah ran full-speed into our patio screen!! It was hard not to laugh at him!
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That clip reminds me of my Trent. He hasn't run into the wall yet, but he is just a total klutz. I can tell you from experience that cats do NOT always land on their feet!
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I have tears in my eyes! That was hilarious! (I feel a bit bad saying that...)
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