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Is this common after spaying? *Pics

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Mama got spayed on Tuesday and last night (thursday night) I noticed a bruise on her belly under her stitches. She otherwise seems fine and it's not tender when I touch it. Is it common to have a little bruising or is internal bleeding something to be concerned about?

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First...I'm not a vet...but I would certainly take her to your vet or call them about the bruising just to be safe. Our rescue has had many kittens spayed..and I cannot remember a single one having a bruise below the spay scar.

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The problem is that the vet that spayed her won't be available till Monday. I caught her wrestling with the babies so I'm thinking one of them may have kicked her?
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My two haven't had any bruising either?!.

Has it just appeared?.

I would take her to another vet though just to be on the safe side
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Here's something I found online... "Check the incision at least twice a day until healed. If the incision gets dirty, clean gently with a cotton ball and water. Remember, your pet has undergone major surgery, and a small amount of red, watery seepage or bruising is normal for a few days." So with that said does it look like excessive bruising lol? She's an older cat for a spay too, a little over a year old so maybe that's why?
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It looks like the bruising faded a little. She doesn't have any swelling so that's why I'm hesitant to bring her in to emergency care.
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They do bruise. If they are white or light colored cats they seem to bruise easier in my experience. I wouldn't worry about it, there is always trauma to the tissue and bruises result because of trauma, also it is possible that sometime after the surgery she tried to jump on something and missed and hit her belly. If it starts getting really dark or spreading more than call your vet or if you see discharge on an enormous amount of swelling. Small bumps are common, if they get larger than a golfball then go to the vet.
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This is Purrii the day after they spayed her

I was amazed it looks like keyhole surgery and I didnt have to pay! I hope your kitty gets well soon and that there are no problems!
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