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Help! Cat food problem...

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Thank you for taking the time to read this...

My Woody had oral surgery a few weeks ago, leaving him with only one tooth :-(

He normally eats Science Diet dry food, but for obvious reasons, he is currently on wet food...

For various reasons, I very much prefer to feed him dry food. My question: can I ground his Science Diet dry food (which is in pellet form) into more of a ~gravel~ consistency to make it more chewable?

And...will he EVER be able to eat dry food again?
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You need to talk to your vet... you can moisten the dry... why do want him on dry??
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I think you should do some reading and seriously reconsider. What are your reasons for preferring dry? That seems like a lot to go through just to feed dry food (and it wouldn't even be dry anymore...) Take a look at these pages, they have some information you might find interesting.




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My Twitch has not a single tooth in her mouth & she eats wet in the morning & at night. She also gets dry food to snack on during they day. She has TONS of trouble eating pate style wet food, so I try to get cuts for her. I am careful about the shape of the dry food I give her. She choked on SD bites they were so small, yet she has not trouble eating Nutro or EVO. To me they look about the same size.

Offer him some dry food. See if he eats it. Most cats swallow their food whole.

BTW-it took Twitch a while to heal before she would eat the dry food. It hurt her mouth. Woody might be healed enough already to eat some dry. Watch for ulcers in his mouth. Twitch had trouble with them.
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We had a cat at the shelter I worked at, Gumby, and he had no teeth at all. He had a hard time keeping the wet food in his mouth with out making a mess. He prefered dry and that is what we fed him. He swallowed it whole I guess. Apparently that isn't all that uncommon for them to swallow the food whole. It isn't that big at all really. Some of my cats do that.
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