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My Cat is driving me crazy

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Hello Everyone,

I made a post a month or so back regarding pit bulls and cats. Well I decide to keep Brandy (dog). I have had Brandy since Dec 19 05. And of course the cats dont to much like her, she doesnt bark at them, however she does want to play with them, but i wont allow her because I think she is still a little to rough. Well this past Wed, I was in the living room doing homework and i had the cats out as well as Brandy, and Apples (cat) jumps up on one of the couches and looks at me. At first I thought you was going to pee, but decide she wasnt cause she was looking right at me and she wasnt moving. So like a min later she move I went over to where she was, and she did pee I was so so mad, how could she just sit right there and pee while she looked at me. So I thought maybe something is wrong with her, I did take her to the vet like a couple of months ago and she checked out fine. So I said I would just watch her. Now today Fri 20, I'm in the living room again with the animals out, and i have my door to the room cracked, just in case the cats want to get away to a quiet place, mind you Brandy sleeps in there as well. So I get up to go look for something in my room, and on Brandy's bed is cat poop. And I know it is Apples, cause my other cat used the litter box right before I went into my room. So I'm guessing that Apples is telling me that she doesnt like Brandy at all. I'm trying to make sure that I give them all attn, but It seems that Brandy requires more attn, shes a puppy and wants to play,and when I try and lay with the cats they seem disinterested. Please what can I do.

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First of all, stop getting mad and take your cat to the vet to rule out a health issue. If the cat is stressed from the exposure to the dog, then chances are pretty good that your cat is ill and peeing and pooping out of the box is her way of telling you- "Help me please!"
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I have to ask...
Are you sure the dog is bombproof with cats?

After ruling out medical problems, maybe the kitty really doesn't care for the dog and that's their way of telling you? I'm not anti-dog but have seen what happens when they discover they don't need to play second fiddle to a smaller animal.

Someone's not happy in your household and they're trying to tell you why, the stinky way.
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Cats pee and poop where they aren't supposed to if they are either ill or stressed. I suspect it is stress since you say you have already taken the cat to the vets and it has been given a clean bill of health. The fact that one of them has done a number two in the puppy bed says that they are not happy about having a puppy join the household. Get the cats checked out again just in case they are ill. Then, if you want to keep Brandy, you will need to get a cat or dog book and read up on how to introduce a new animal to the family..
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Apples probably doesn't yet see the lovable side of Brandy that you do - she might even find Brandy frightening, never mind competition and invading her territory. If she's soiling Brandy's bed that's a pretty clear attempt to cover up Brandy's scent and presence with hers! Maybe a part of the house that's Apples that Brandy can't go into for a while might make her feel safer? Feliway might also help as a first aid measure but as said earlier, the new animal introduction strategies might be most useful.
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