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appreciate any suggestions for giving crumbly/chalky pill to cat. have tried in a favorite food. does not work. she just spits out or forms mucous and expells what is left of the pill. "she is fast and she has sharp teeth!!!" thanks
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You can also buy one of those small packages of braunswager you know the liver spread you find in the deli section? Take a very small piece out of it, and roll the pill around it, try not to get it bigger than the pill. Sit on the floor on your knees, cross your feet and place kitty so her back is to your front, holding her snugly, open her mouth gently, place the pill back in her throat, close her mouth and holding her front paws blow gently into her nose (this will make her swallow) the liver sausage lubricates the pill allowing it to go down her throat easier and also disguises the smell of the pill. Good luck
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