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Cats and Baby -- Sweet stories!

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I was very worried before I had my daughter how my 2 kitties would react to her. Well, I'm very lucky. My daughter is 6 months old and loves to look at the kitties. Max, who is a really friendly kitty who wants to be involved in everything will lay close enough to her that she can stretch out her foot and "kick" at him. She'll kick her leg and he'll bat at her toes with his paw!

Simon is my scaredy cat. He pretty much only half way tolerates anyone but me, but he too will go lay down near the baby. He even let her grab his tail and he never moved (Of course, I made sure she didn't pull and immediately let go) I thought for sure Simon wouldn't get anywhere near her!

Just thought I'd share my good stories!
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I had a very spoiled Siamese whom I had bonded with for 10 years before I became pregnant with our daughter. Everyone (except my doctor) said I should get rid of the cat before our baby was born. I would never have done it.

After I came home from the hospital, every time I breast-fed our baby, I would have my Susie (the Siamese) on my lap as well so she wouldn't feel left out or pushed aside. Our baby grew up with Susie and when Jennifer was crawling she would go to wherever the cat was and try to touch it. Sometimes she would get a bit rough but that cat never once bit or scratched the baby. In fact the cat was more tolerant of Jennifer's behaviour than she was to any other person with the exception of me.

Jennifer's first word was not mama or dada - it was "seesuz".
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I love these stories!! It's nice to know that not everyone thinks a pregnant woman should get rid of her cats. Congratulations on your baby!
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Those are some sweet stories!

Sunni was here before my youngest son, so I was a little worried about how she would react when he came home. There was never any reason to worry. She was a regular little mama with him. Every time he cried in his bassinet, Sunni came running. She'd put her front paws up on the side and peer over the side, as if checking on him. Even as he got older, any time he cried, Sunni came running. I always thought it was so very sweet. Yet another reason to miss my girl.
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My granddaughter adores her kitty. He has slept under her bassinet since she came from the hospital. If she wakes up at night and they don't hear her as fast as he thinks they should, he will nip at their toes until they get to her. She naps on the couch, and he will sleep by her feet and she rubs her toes in his fur. She will sometimes get her little hand around his tail when she sleeps, and he will wait patiently for her to wake up and let go. She tries to hold his tail by her cheek, so he will turn around so she can do it comfortably. He will lay on they outside of the couch, like he is keeping her from falling. He never gets close to her face or makes any noises that might scare her, and purrs like crazy when she coos at him. She can almost say kitty. As young as she is, she is very sweet with him. She has not pulled any whiskers or fur yet. He is a big cat, and she is just now getting bigger than him. When she was newborn, he was over twice her weight, and longer than her. He is Pearl's brother, and looks a lot like her, just a lot bigger. They are soooo cute together.
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These stories are all so sweet and really warm my heart. In Singapore, I keep hearing about families getting rid of their pets once they get pregnant because animals are "dirty", "dangerous" and "their fur will cause all sorts of allergic reactions" or even the stupid superstition that the baby will grow up looking like the pet if a pregnant mother looks at the pet too much. Urgh. What ignorance.

Some don't even bother looking for a proper new home and just abandon the poor animal onto the streets. And when things like SARS come around, the people call for the government to cull them all as if it were the cats' collective fault that they roam the streets un-neutered...

What utter disrespect.
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I've had cats since I was born and I have no allergies whatsoever!

Cats know the difference between children and adults and treat each accordingly!
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really cute stories.
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The first thing Mom did when I was brought home was to introduce the kitten and puppy to me. She sat in the rocking chair and picked them up one at a time to smell me. After that, whenever the friends and relatives visited, they would station themselves under my crib. I hate to think what they would have done if anyone tried to hurt me!
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