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Anybody want a taste of summer?

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These are pics of my back flower garden...seemed kinda nice to see it again when we are supposed to get more snow tonight.

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YOu have such a green thumb. i hope my garden looks as good as that when i get around to a garden!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
YOu have such a green thumb. i hope my garden looks as good as that when i get around to a garden!!
A green thumb AND a knack at scrapbooking - all your pages are so great Linda!!

I really want summer - I am ready to get out on the water!
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That looks great ! Are those mostly impatiens? It's hard to tell.
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Very nice designing of your flowers!!! Beautiful colors!!!!
I can just taste the hint of spring!! It helps that I live in Florida too!!
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...but there are other flowers too. There is a combo of sun and shade in the back garden.
Here are a few more . Maybe you can see more detail in them.

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Weeeeell...then again maybe not.
Anyhow, there are Brown Eyed Susans, white Alis sum, Begonias, Petunias, For-Get-Me-Nots, Dian this, Geraniums, yellow Marigolds and prob a few others that i can`t think of right now. I`m sorry the details don`t show up that good. (I`m going to get a digital camera one of these days!)
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Great colors! Your garden looks great, and that "taste of summer" is quite welcome right now. We're supposed to get Arctic weather again - The cold that has Russia in its grip is heading this way.
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You sure do have Lovely gardens.I see you also like garden whimsey in your gardens. I do also. I really like your garden lady. I'm going to make one out of a chair this winter and in her lap you can sit a big basket of flowers.
I just got a digital camera late this fall so my garden pics are mainly just the greenery and no flowers! Thanks for sharing . It sure brightened my day to see a touch of summer on this gloomy winter day.
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Beautiful garden! It was nice to look at as I sit here and listen to the sleet tick-ticking against my windows!
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WOW - now that is one stunning garden!!!!! It's so beautiful, and lush, with pretty pastel colors and a few bright colors too!! And the signs and birdhouses and the little scarecrow-girl are cute. I really love all the little touches you add to it. You have such a wonderful talent. I swear, and I am NOT lying, that has got to be the most beautiful garden I have ever ever seen. And your scrapbook pages are always very pretty and well-put-together, too!
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Thank you !
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Wow, Linda - your garden looks fantastic!! You know how desperate I am for Spring to come so I can get out in my garden and working on my new borders - you've just made that want worse!!

Is that your garden from last summer? Have you been round to see how it's going this year?!
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Wow, wow, wow, Linda! Your garden is so gorgeous!!!
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I miss seeing my petunias! i cant wait to grow them again this year
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Wow...I never realised that was from scrapbooking I thought you did it digitally You have a real talent there *now I want to scrap book*.

Beautiful gardens, just gorgeous...I think if that was my garden I'd want to be out there all the time!
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Linda - there you go making me jealous again! You have a eye for color !
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