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New kitty has clear white thing growing on eye.

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My boyfriend and I found a beautiful white, medium haired, domestic with one blue eye and one green eye about two weeks ago. No one has claimed her so we figured we would either take her or foster her until she can find a home. Anyway, she's the sweetest cat i've ever seen in my life besides the fact that she is VERY unwilling to get along with our puppy. But that's a different story. Whenever we brought in the kitty, I had notice a clearish white thing growing in the corner of her eye. It's not just in one spot though, it's more spread out along the bottom of the eyelid as well. Since she has been here, it has only gotten worse. Now, not much worse but noticable. I want to get her to a vet but can't right at the moment due to rent. BUT the cat has experienced no pain from this thing and she seems to be so loving. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to petsmart to get the puppy a few things and to check out the foster care that goes there every sunday to see about fostering her. Well, I noticed that a kitten there had had glocoma and had to have extensive eye surgery. This white thing looks like it may be that.... but it could also be me being paranoid. Has anyone experienced this before? Any help would be great. Thanks!

Also, if anyone knows anything about getting the puppy and the kitty to be friendlier, that would be great. We keep them separated during the day and then at night, we put them in their own "houses" at night (it's the word we trained the puppy to go into her cage). But the cat still hisses when the dog gets in her "bubble." If the cat doesn't warm up by a month of having her, then we are going to foster her. We would rather not have to do that, so if anyone has any tricks, that would be great too. THANKS
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Are you sure the 'thing' in her eye is not her third eyelid? Cats have a whitish membrane that can cover hteir eyse from the bottom corner up. It does not often show unless the cat is sick, however, but if your kitty has been on the streets that is not surprising - she may have worms, be undernourished or just stressed. She needs a vet check anyway. White cats with odd coloured eyes are often deaf - it is a genetic thing so I wonder if you have noticed anything?

As for your puppy it is very early days yet - and the cat has probably learned to distrust dogs on sight. It sounds as if she is a sweet thing so I would be patient and let them look at each other but not to interact for a while. Let them get really used to each other's scent etc and the cat needs to have time to know the dog is not a threat.

Good luck, I hope it works out.
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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I plan on taking her to the vet as soon as the rent is paid. We have quite a large rent payment. lol. Anyway, i have noticed on other cats that membrane you are talking about. It hasn't gone down any though... so she may be sick? I'm not exactly sure how old her is but she definently is the sweetest kitty. As far as the deaf thing goes, she generally wakes up when she hears a door open or will run at the door if she hears it open. Or if you scratch on something to get her attention, she'll come to you. So, I don't think she is deaf. But her eyes are definently rare. They are beautiful though. I can't understand why someone wouldnt claim her. Oh yeah, we've also fed her twice a day. Her belly is getting big. lol. But we started feeding her this moist food to get her used to being around the apartment and know we weren't going to hurt her. Then as the week went on, we weened her slowly onto hard food. She likes both just the same. And now we just keep a bowl of hard food out and she nibbles throughout the day. So I don't think she is malnourished anymore, unless of course, that takes a long time?

Thank you for the tip on the puppy too. Since she has been here, the freaking sessions have decreased. It's definitely putting us at ease knowing that they are slowly getting used to each other. So, all I need is more time?
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