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Chuck, i'm sorry i missed this thread while i was away, i wanted you to know i read through it and was thinking of you and your baby.

we all care about you and would miss ya too much if you were away. like Anne said, we are all here for you.

i'm here and if you need to talk, email me.

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Yes,,,,we are here for you Chuck, and I would really hate to see you disappear for awhile.
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Thank you all very, very much. I will survive. I'm just taking a real beating on all fronts at the moment: Emotionally, financially, etc. But, we always do find a way to make it. And, don't worry about me disappearing. I'd miss all of you too much.
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I am glad you are going to stick around. The only thing I can say is that if we didnt have rough times, we would never know what the good ones were. It will get better soon!
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I have been off site and did not hear about Tigger. Meowman you are such an awesome cat owner, I am sorry your baby got so sick - we are all happy he is okay!
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Tiger has been so sweet! He's all love and eating up the extra spoiling hes getting. But, Socrates? Geez, I have NEVER seen him this pissed off! He's just mad at the whole world and staying on the bed in the BR sulking and jerking away everytime I go to pet him and growling and hissing and swiping at Tiger. And poor little Tiger just wants his playmate. I feel so bad for him. He looks so pathetic with his front legs shaved hairless. I can tell he's feeling bad.
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Remember that cats get stressed out easily at any change in routine. This has probably been an ordeal for Socs as well as Tiger.
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Give it time... Cats are usually like that when one of their playmates comes back from the vet. Socrates cannot even be sure that it is Tiger - he smells all different.

Just keep calm around them and don't snap at Socs for hissing at his brother. It'll sort itself out with time.
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Dear Chuck,
Awwwwww...you poor thing! I bet you're probably more stressed out than Soc's and Tiger put together! I don't know what to say other than the ol' cliche that Anne just mentioned in her post prior. Time has a way of working these things out...unfortunately it's not on our time. It's hard to be patient when you've been through such an ordeal. I know. We've all had our share and I know you have and then some. Just another lesson in patience I guess. I pray that the good Lord allows this to pass real soon. He's really been with you through the hardest times....just remember he's better and this will pass Hugs!
God Bless You, Socs & Tiger
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He is probably a bit jealous of the extra attention Tiger is getting right now. Give it some time, and I'm sure it will go back to normal!
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OK, Tiger is still doing well and taking his medicine w/o much fuss. I'm SOOOOO glad it wasn't Socrates that had this problem, because he is a real pain when it comes to vets, medicine, etc. But, he too has finally calmed down. But, I haven't recieved any Socrates love since Tiger came home. Funny, when Tiger was in the vets, Socs was all blubber love about to drip off my lap because he was so relaxed.

Lil' Tiger has been secluding himself under the bed, something he has never done before getting sick. That just worries me because thats what he did Saturday when he sqautted in my jeans and I lightly swatted him. God, I still feel horrible about that, with what happened. But, the lil' guy is purring and seems content, though still under the weather. I can't get him to play fetch w/ his favorite toy, but the Doc said it would take about 6 weeks for him to fully recover. I worry about him so.

This Saturday I'm going to an all night party and Aunt Helen and Uncle Allen are going to spend the night here and cat sit and make sure he gets his medicine. And, of course, as a worrisome parent I will leave all accessible numbers and a blank signed check JUST IN CASE. I'll probably be calling here a few times Saturday night.

I wasn't going to go to the party becaue I knew Tiger would have to get his medicine on schedule and unless I took him with me, I wasn't going. But, Helen and Allen volunteered and everyone tells me with the stress I've been under that I need to do some serious unwinding, so I guess I will. I just hope that I can go and still have a good time, because I know I'm going to miss my sick little boy and Socs too.
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Oh I hope you have a good time at the party! You sound just like a worried "father"
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I am so glad you are going to the party. You are truly blessed to have such a support network, and I know that you are just the person who truly appreciates his blessings. Have fun!
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Tiger ran from me when he saw the medicine bottle come out today. There's only a day or so worth left til' he's done with it, but it looks like I'm going to have to go into stealth mode to give him his bi-daily doses.

Upon arriving home from work tonight Tiger went hauling arse thru the living room with his little stuffed bunny in his mouth and when I saw it I knew he was alright. I tossed it and he fetched it and brought it to me and I couldn't help but tear up and get on the floor and start kissing and rubbing him.

SIGHHHHHHHH! I think he'll be ok. Thank you all for your support.
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Dear Chuck,
I'm so happy to hear tht Tig's doing so well!! How can we ask of anything else but a healthy furbaby...You're the best...I can't say enough of your tender heart towards them.

God Bless You & All You Cherish
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Good to hear good news about Tiger. As for Socrates, he sounds like Squirt. He doesn't take changes in the routine too well. Give him some time. He'll settle back in.
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I agree. Just give him some time.
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They're both back to normal now! All is well, minus me almost having to starve to death this week, lol. But, thanks to Deb, Air Princess and Three Legged Cat I'm making it. You are just all awsome!!
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Dear Chuck,
I'm so happy to hear that all's well on the homefront...it's patience that we all fall so short of...Give Tig & Socs a huge hug for me
God Bless You, Socs & Tig
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