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My baby Tiger is in the emergency room...

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Well, today has not been a good day! On my way to work (35 miles away) at 70 mph my front left tire blew. Then I didnt have a lug wrench, but fortunately a road worker (this happened right in front of where they're building a rest area) had a hydraulic jack and a lug wrenc and helped me change the tire. BUT, then the donut was half flat. Well, I went on to work, figuring I'd drive to the Shell nearby after work, but when I got off work the spare was flat and it tore apart as I drove to the Shell. Now Im totally stranded. I call a friend to come get me and when we get home I open the door and Tigers not there to greet me.

Now, let me explain something. Tiger is ALWAYS at the door to say hi, and with the way he was acting this morn I knew something was wrong. I found him half out of it lying in the bathroom and very lathargic. So my friend Helen and I raced him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with a bladder blockage from crystalization. He is presently (its 1:30 am EST) at the vets for the next 2-3 days, hes sedated and has a cathider and an IV drip in and I'm hysterical. Especially because I thought he was about to pee on the floor and I lightly swatted him this morn, which I was feeling guilty about anyway (see Saturday Daily Thread).

So, 2 flat tires, my car 35 miles away, my sick baby and a post dated check to the vet for $700 later, I'm finally home and feeling very down. But, fortunately, Catarinas online so I have someone to talk to.

Now, I'm not going to sleep at all worrying about my baby boy Tiger. Please pray for him.
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I am sorry to hear about your baby! I hope he is going to be okay. I will be thinking about you and Tiger! Keep us updated....
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Its now 2:30 and I just called and spoke with the vet. Tigers bladder is draining and hes awake from the anastesia and alert. They said they have to wait til' tomorrow for more tests, but he's already improved.

I burst into tears upon hearing this. I'm SOOOOOO happy. It looks like he's going to be OK. But, I miss him so much already. I just want to give him a big hug and kiss his furry little head. Geez, am I a sap or what?

I know one kitty thats going to get EXTRA=pampered when he comes home on Monday. As if I don't spoil him enough.

OK, maybe I can actually sleep now.
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OhhhhI felt so bad when I heard about your poor Tiger, but I am glad to hear he is getting better.
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I am very glad he is feeling better. It is always hard to let someone else take care of our babies. He was very good at letting you know something was wrong. Let us know what the vet has to say today.
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Oh, poor little Tiger and poor Chuck!

This is about the scariest thing that can happen! Finding your cat like that in an emergency. My heart goes out for Tiger, what a rough day he's had yesterday. We should have guessed there might be a problem when you said he was squatting but nothing came out.

Lucky you found him on time. It can take less than 24 hours for a cat to die of a blocked urinary tract!
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Tiger. I bet Socrates is acting a little strange without his brother in the house. I hope he is able to come home soon, Chuck.
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Oh Meowman, I am so very sorry to hear about Tiger....I am glad though that it seems like he is improving already!

My prayers are with you both!

Keep us posted on how he is doing!!! (He's like part of our little family here, too , ya know.)
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I am so glad your Tiger is doing so much better. I know exactly how you felt when you found him. Spoil him up.

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:flash: I am glad to hear Tiger is doing better!!
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I stopped by the vet today and and saw him. He had a cup around his head, a cathider in and an IV drip. But, he was so happy to see dad! He was all love and the vet and assistants all said that he was such a sweet boy and everytime someone petted him he was practically saying Thank you for the love. Good ole Tiger. He's such a glutton for love. I've got to pick him up tomorrow at 7 am and take him to his regular vet where he will likely stay one more evening. But, it looks like he's going to be fine. They said its unlikely he had any kidney damage. Well, it looks like aspecial diet cat food from here on out! Thank you all for your kind words and support. I know one little boy thats going to be seriously pampered when he gets home.

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Good news Chuck! We are all pulling for you and Tiger!
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I am so happy to hear you both are in good spirits!! I am sure you guys are going to cuddle for hours when he comes home!!
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Dear Chuck,
I'm so sorry for not getting back with you sooner, I've been working all day and finally just getting on here. I'm so sorry about Tiger......but as you know, I already know!!
So, I'm very ecstatic that he's doing great and manipulated everyone in the vets office...hey, maybe you can get him to get a bit closer to that bookkeeper...lol...(just a thought)...
Many Hugs to You, Socs, & Tiger
God Bless You All,
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I picked Tiger up early this am and transfered him to his regular vet. I could tell he was feeling a lot better and hated that thing around his head. But, he was happy to see dad. As I sit here writing this, I'm having to type with 1 finger because Socrates has decided to go to sleep in my lap on the other arm. Tiger will, hopefully, be home tomorrow. The next 6 weeks are going to be the telling. Lets hope he doesn't have a eroccurance.
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Good news, Chuck. I hope Tiger continues to improve. Whenever I think about your description of finding him lying on the floor, it scares the daylights out of me.

This must be costing you an arm and a leg!

By the way, how's the car? Will it live?
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Alright Chuck!!! I am so glad to hear Tiger is doing better and coming home tomorrow!!! Yaaaaaah!! You must be so releived!!!! I am so happy for you!
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I stopped by the vet and they gave me 5 minutes of quality love time with him. His head is still in the cone, but the cathider has been removed and the blockage has been cleared. He still has an IV in though. He was so happy to see me, purring away. I got all teary eyed and kept kissing him. To say the least, I came to work COVEED in Tiger hair (I guess he's nervous and shedding more). I just got to work and called them and they told me he can now pee on his own. SIIIIIIGHHH! My babies going to be fine and coming home tomorrow. Of course, from here on out it's the special prescription food from the vet for him. Now I just have to figure out how to keep Socrates from eating his food. I'll let you know how his first night home is tomorrow. And, yes, I am SOOOOOOOO relieved. Who cares that the bill is close to $1,000 now.
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Oh MeowMan...I am so glad Tiger is better....but so sorry the bill is so high! How do they expect people to pay for that??? My gosh!!! That is outrageous!!! This pet insurance idea is sounding better & better.
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Dear Chuck,
What wonderful news!! I'm so happy for your Tiger! Well, I kinda figured that bill wasn't gonna stop at 700 fat ones...but..hey, your baby's gonna make it! God Bless Him......the Vet and all of the qualified people that helped him...Let's not forget the Good Lord that was watching over you that night! I can recall a conversation we had.....................
God Bless You & Yours
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I am glad he gets to come home soon!! It is so hard on both the cats and their humans!! I bet he will be by your side every moment. Maybe you should just switch the both of them, it is more common in males. Maybe some prevention before it happens. Let us know how he does when he gets home!!
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Hey Meowman, I am so happy to hear that Tiger is going to be all right. As for not having a recurrence -- did you know that you can speak things into existence? Guard the words of your tongue and speak health into Tiger, and it will happen. I'll also be speaking it for you!
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The vet called and woke me this morning. I was checking my mail before giving an update, thus all the replies to those other posts first.

Tiger is completely unblocked and peeing all on his own. They said that he could probably come home today! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss my baby boy. And it dawned on me last night why I was getting SO MUCH MORE love from Socrates than usual (You all recall how he only likes love on his terms?): He misses his little brother/his playmate.

I'll give you guys an update when I bring him home or when I arrive home from work.
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Dear Chuck,
First, I'm going to have to say how happy I am that Tiger's in the clear! I just can't tell you how much of a relief in my own heart that is. I think we all have become so close to each of others cats here it's almost absurd...but, who said love has to have psychological parameters? I must've read this post 3 times and LMAO (oooooooops, there it goes) each time because I can hear your voice now!! It just please's me, however; we just don't count our blessings often enough do we? Thank you for reminding me today how much I love my babies; and of course they love their Mommy; and how much I have love and am given love from everyone in my life. Even here at the site...I've found a lot of wonderful people.
God Bless You .... Your're My Hero Today ...
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That's great news! I'm so happy for all 3 of you!
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Tiger is home. He's feeling much better, but both his front legs are shaven where the IV's were. They said that he'd be peeing blood w/ his urine for a short while. I have to go to work and being the over-protective dad that I am, I asked Aunt Laura to come and cat sit, which she readily agreed. And when Aunt Laura leaves at 11:00 pm, Aunt Ana is going to come check on him. And then I'll be getting home. I guess I'm just nervous. The Doc said to watch and make sure he's peeing. Right now, I don't care where he pees as long as hes able to. I've been crawling around on the floor w/ him giving him rub and love. He's purring away. I think he's happy to be home. Socrates smelled vet on him and hissed at him and I yelled at Socs, telling him to be nice to his kid brother and no rough housing or I was putting him on restriction! I'm so glad he's home. I was miserable last night. Well, I'm off to work and leaving Tiger in Aunt Laura's capable cat hands (She's mom to my nieces Tammy Faye, Ezmarelda and my "big boned" nephew Nermal).
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So glad your boy is home with you and well the cat sitters too of course! I have been reading all your posts and holding my breath and praying... Thank God the prayers have been answered...
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Oh I am so glad Tiger is home with you, and is doing well!!!!
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I just thought I'd let everyone know that Tiger seems to be doing well. I came in the door and he was sitting right there (as I told you at the beginning of this post that he wasn't Sat. night, which made me know something was wrong) and purring and rubbing against me and I just burst into tears and sat down and rubbed him for a long while. And he ate it up, closing his eyes, tilting his head back for easy neck access and he rolled over for me. And I just balled like a baby. I was at work worrying and calling Laura to see how he was. He went to the litterbox soon after and I quietly followed him. He squatted for a few minutes and peed only a very little. The vet said he would be hurting, so I guess he was having trouble. At least he's peeing again. And poor Socrates was hissing and growling at Laura and Tiger all night. I kept getting on to him. I guess he smelled vet and Socrates REALLY hates the vet. You should see what a chore it is to get him in the carrier. It took 2-3 adults last time. I got online briefly and then I sat down on the floor for an hour and a half and just rubbed him. He melted and even purred during sleep.

I've been feeling very depressed all night because of worrying about Tiger and the financial strain this is putting on me (I'm not complaining, my boys life is worth more than all the money in the world). I can seriously feel the pressure on me right now, but ALL I really care about is that he doesn't have a reoccurance.

I may decide to just stay offline and away from everyone for a few days (aside from work) and just bury myself for a short while. I guess I'm just feeling a little alone and over-burdened at the moment.

But, this place is addicting and after having met so many of you absolutely wonderful, gracious and caring people, I probably won't.

OK, enough complaining. I'm going to bed. Its 4:30am.
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I'm glad he's back home!

Please don't disapear on us Meowman! If you feel down, we're here for you! It's only natural with all the stress you've been under. And please feel free to share your worries with us - financial or others. Sometimes talking about these things helps putting them in the right proportions and who knows, maybe we can help you sort things out!

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