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Has Your Cat Ever Scolded You?

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The other day, I returned to the house hours earlier than usual. Dani, who usually greets me at the door, was apparently asleep on the back of the chair when I opened the door. When I walked in, she stood up and meowed the entire time it took her to reach me from halfway across the room. She kept looking at me and it really sounded like she was fussing. It was too funny. You think I may interrupted a good dream

mom of Dani Night Stalker
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Heehee we have a kitty who tries to coral everyone to go to bed at 10pm. She will walk over to husband and do a mild scolding. Then she will go over to me and give me a stronger scolding until I make moves to brush my teeth etc. I have no idea why she wants everyone to sleep all at the same time. She will try to coral us to get to bed even when she sleeps in the living room

Only once in her life has she sacked out for the night before we did.. .when we did finally get to bed she gave me that upside down "don't bother me" octopus eyeball look :tounge2:
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Yes! I had a real mouthy orange boy named Toot. He yowled all the time, and was also very determined to get his way. He wanted out one time, but it was already dark so I ignored him. He got up in my face and let out the most hateful "yeeeooooow!!!" I had ever heard, and I just know he was yelling at me!

He also barked once!
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Cooie--How did your cat ever manage to bark????

We get scolded if we go into the bathroom alone and shut the door, leaving Snowball by himself in the hall. When we open the door and come out, we are greeted with some really rapid meows combined with a couple of longer drawn out meows. He keeps doing this while he leads us back down the hall, stopping every few steps so he can be petted. It does sound just like he is scolding.
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I don't know, he just kinda let out a "yerp" type meow that sounded more like a dog than a cat! I was very proud to be the owner of the world's only bilingual kitty!
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My lil'fella will have a mini tantrum (lots of meow's at different pitches) if I bring him to the basement with me, but close the door. Its not that he wants to go, just wants the option I think, because when I open the door, he stops, and just looks at it, then me, then it again. I go sit down and he comes over. He hates closed doors.
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Ophelia complains, b**ches and scolds us quite a bit!

She has this certain little "mrow" real short and snappish that she uses when she's not happy with us. When she's really witchy, she tosses her little head with the mrow. It's really hard not to laugh at her. She also complains when Daddy doesn't pet her enough, when I don't play with her when she wants to, when she doesn't get treats when she wants them, and especially if Daddy stays up too late and she wants to go to bed.

She's just a little spoiled. But the complaining came to her all on her own.
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My cousin had this tabby boy who scolded her if she came home later than her usual time. Hehehehehehe - my baby boy is just happy to see me -Not a moody fellow - thank god
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Jinxy scold me too!! If I pick him up when he's sleeping, if I hold him the wrong way or if he wants "down". My last kitty scolded as well and also hated closed doors!
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Lorie, Dani sounded just like your cat. ...some really rapid meows combined with a couple of longer drawn out meows...

She hardly made any sound when I first got her (at a year old) but now she makes a wide range of sounds -- a clicking type sound when she spots a bug, a clipped MeNow sound when I come home and a variety of "pay attention to me sounds". However, I've never heard her bark.

mom of Dani Night Stalker
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Nibs, a black cat I had with a Siamese voice, loved to sleep on the VCR. It was warm and cozy. My son had a habit of lifting weights to heavy metal music, so if he came up to ask about dinner (or whatever), he had a tendency to talk very loudly. Nibs would wag her tail, open only one eye, and give him one short, loud meow. He would do it over and over just to watch her repeat the ritual. It was funny. I miss Nibs.
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My parent's cat, Smokey, will scold them if they won't let him outside or if they carry him inside when he's being stubborn and doesn't want to come in for the night. He'll run away, usually upstairs while letting out a series of short, irritated meows. It's funny!!
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My cat Luna won't scold you, but she DOES tattle on the other cats if they are doing something wrong. The other day she went into the bathroom where my S/O was and meowed over and over and then trotted out of the room and came back in waiting for him to follow her, well finally he understood and followed her and low and behold, there are the other three cats, sitting around a snake, batting at it. So he took the snake outside and I guess ruined their fun for the day.
I also have Isis who doesn't really meow, she more or less does a soft whiny reeeeeoooooowwwwww type of thing. But lately she has gotten more and more whiny and wants to be petted more, but just by me. noone else and will wrap herself around my legs and do the reeeoooowwww thing until I pick her up.
Then there's Rocket my Abby. He NEVER is quiet unless he is sleeping.
He meows if he wants to be under the covers at night, if he wants to play, if he wants to be petted and you are ignoring him, if he is hyper and wants the other cats to play, etc. He is a very vocal cat.
Twig my last boy won't hardly meow unless he is wanting to go out on the back porch and the door is closed. he will meow scolding like if you touch his tummy. He doesn't like that at all.
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jugen, your cats telling on each other reminded me of when I was a girl and our cat Blue saved our cat Bean's life!

Blue came in acting all distressed, constantly meowing and dancing in front of the door, even though he had just come in. My mom would try to let him out, but he wouldn't go. Finally she went out, and he followed her, but kept acting funny. She realized he was trying to lead her somewhere, so she let him lead and she followed him - right to Bean who was under attack by a neighborhood cat!
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My little Kiki scolds me all the time when she does not get her way. It is the funniest thing in the world. When she gets on my coffee table and starts knocking off stuff, I will tell her no and then she starts back talking. If I mention the word no she has something to say about it. She does listen very well and she usually stops doing something if I tell her no, but she always has something to say. :angel4:
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This is actually about a dog, but it fits so well in this discussion.

Our dog Felicia, 1/2 staforshire terrier (pit bull) 1/2 everything else, had more attitude than any other dog I've ever known. There were 2 words that you did not say to her without getting an earfull back: no-no and bullsh**. She would bark back at you if you told her either and keep yelling at you if you kept saying it! It was so funny. Maybe she was part cat.....
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I hope everything turned out ok with your cats. I'm glad that Blue trusted your mom enough to let her know when something bad was happening...
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Hello everybody! I've been trying to find a forum about cats for a while now and hopefully I've found one. I have 3 cats, Buckwheat, Spanky and Sugar (I know I should have named her Darla). They are all three my babies. Sugar is my white cat and she is deaf, so it's been quit a challange to teach her anything. She basically does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to teach
her not to knock everything off in the floor? Or maybe some other ways to communicate with her. I have her trained so that when I turn the garage light on and off she knows it's time to come in the house from the garage. I don't let any of mine go out side. We have coyote around where we live and don't want anything to happen to them, so they get to go play in the garage. But it's hard for me to dicipline her. She's not afraid of anything. She's actually a pretty aggressive cat, but I would guess a lot of that is due to the fact that she can't hear. She is still a kitten, big kitten, but a kitten all the same. She is about 7 months old now. Well I won't go on for too long until I know I will hear from someone out there. Hope to hear from you with any ideas you might have. Until then......... Sugar's Mom
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Hi, Belinda. We're really happy to hear from you. Your kitten will learn as she gets older how to step around things very gingerly. Of course, it could be that cats don't like the noise when things drop, but I don't think that's all there is to it. I have had cats who deliberately knocked things off my dresser to get me up, and I have had cats either cozy in to me in bed so stealthily that I didn't know they did it, or, the next time, pounce on me to get me up. I think they know what they are doing with their paws! Next year, she'll step more carefully. Why don't you post on New Cats also, so everyone will know you're here?
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I get scolded regularly by my cats. They keep me in line pretty well!
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