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Im Happy but confused...................

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Hi we took Simba to the vets this morning and after i found blood in his poop the other day thankfully there has been no more and it was probebly just the strain of it, i am happy that the vet said simba is a very beautifull and healthy kitty!

But when i asked about diet i got confused as last time we went but had a different woman she said we could give him adult food and that was amonth ago so we introduced Go-Cat adult Dry and Felix Foil trays in moderation,(hes 5 month) but the vet today said he should still be eating kitten food and recommended The Hills Science Plan and said she belives dry food complete should be the only food a kitten/cat has with a couple of fish treats a wk such as boiled fish or fresh prawns. So now im all confused as each vet says different and all you want is for your kitty to be healthy, as simba had difficulty pooping the other day and its been sloppy and smelly i think that what were giving him now isnt right, so we purchased a bag of the science plan to introduce gradually to him and wean him off the other food.

Sorry its long but you can see how easy it is to get confused and mislead by info from the vet.

Also weve booked simba in for neutering on tuesday!
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I am sorry...it is confusing if you have two different pov from the vets you see!

In all the research I did when I was the nutrition advisor here (knowledge not due to any degree, just due to my interest in this area) I would never switch a 5 month old to a 'formulated for adult cats' food. I would, if the kitten would not eat kitten food, suggest as an alternative, using a 'formulated for all lifestages' food.

Re the recommendation of SD, certainly isn't the one I would make ;-)

If you dare...do a search on the keywords "kitten, diet" and it should bring up many past threads, including messages from me with links to various articles.

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I'm going to be picking my 2 new Bengals up from the breeder in 2 weeks and she told me that she feeds them a 1/2 & 1/2 mix of something called Evolve Adult Maintanance and Iams. I already knew what Iams was but the Evolve was new to me. I'm not sure why she feeds them adult food but thats what she told me to do when I come to get them.
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Are you in the UK as never heard of that brand, heard of iams though.

When i picked Simba up she just said they were on the supermarkets own brand of dry and to slowly introduce wet pouches to him.All her bengals looked happy and healthy.

Your very lucky getting 2 bengals at once! I love my Simba to bits and i want another, but may have to wait until we can afford as they are quite expensive
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I'm in the US. check out this link

I had originally planned on just getting 1 Bengal now and another later because I also could not afford 2 at once but I got lucky because it turned out that the breeder had a beautiful male Bengal that she could not sell at regular price because he has a level 3 heart murmur. She said that people were not interested in him even at her reduced price because she couldn't predict how long he will live. I have a soft spot for the "under dog" because I have a son with a disability. I knew I wanted him even before she told me the price, it just worked out great that she only wanted $150 for him. So that's why I'm able to get them both at the same time.
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I am assuming you mean Science Diet when you say Science Plan? Check the ingredients; it should have real meat as the first 2 or 3 ingredients, and preferably no by-products. Science Diet is a pretty bad food, sorry to say. It has word for being one of the best ones, but is in reality one of the worst ones. Read up on it, and check the ingredients on the different brands.
I agree that your cat should be on kitten food. They actually need kitten food until they are a year old, because it contains more nutrients that they need for the rapid growth they go through.
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I have to say, the clinic where I take my pets have 5 different vets. I get different advice from each of them. It's very confusing. I usually take their advice with a grain of salt and do my own research online. (unless it's something life threatening -- then I would probably follow their advice)
That said, I'm not fond of Science Diet, although I did use the S/D to disolve my cat's crystals. Most vets recommend Science Diet, because that's who pays for their nutrition classes in college. I think it has too many by-products and chemical preservatives. I am very happy with Eagle Pack foods, and they make a kitten formula. I have used their dry foods for a while now, along with their canned foods, natural balance canned foods and nutro canned foods, all of which I have been happy with. I have also used Flint River Ranch dry in the past and had been happy with it. I don't know if you can get any of those foods, but they might be worth checking into. My cat Cinder had problems as a kitten with the blood in the stools and the Flint River was the food that cleared him up.
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