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Moria (MoMo) and her stinky litter box.....

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Well here goes, after searching the web and no real conclusion, I come to you all. My 4 yr old female cat (spayed) and I are having issues....within the last week or so her litter box has become unbearably smelly every time she goes poo. Often when I look in there she hasn't covered up the poo and it just smell horrible. It stinks up 3 of the 5 rooms in my house. She is a great cat, beautiful and soft, a little overweight, so I try to feed her a food that is for heavier cats. She eats out of a feeder.

Okay so here are my questions, I'm looking for a food that will make her less stinky! Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, should I stop using the feeder? She has remained the same weight since she was spayed so I'm pretty sure it's not a question of overeating, since it's not their nature.

Thanks for any help....

Signed MoMo's Mom
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Often it is the brand of food you are feeding. If you do a search in this forum you will find other threads that deal with this issue and see all the responses for a solution.
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I did hear someone on a radio show that said that sometimes cats like people, need enzymes in their diet, to break down the food properly. You can get them at any health food store, or if you do an internet search, could find them that way. It might be worth a try.
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I personally would not buy anything at the health food store and give it to my kitty unless I had some input from a vet or qualified cat nutritionist.

I tend to err on the side of caution though as my babies are very, very precious to me and I would hate to give them anything that might not be good for them. I would be inclined to try to change their food (must do this gradually) and be sure to get a quality food with no by-products.
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me i jsut mixed 2 diff litters together ( tidy cats small spaces & Arm &hammer multi cat formula) It helps alot!!! I would also agree on trying a better quality food. what are you feeding now?
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Well I was feeding her Purina One weight management. I went to the store tonight and got some Royal Canin....we shall see how it works out. Thanks for the tip on the litter I may try that.
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