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Anyone been to/or live in Santa Barbara

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I'm flying there late next week for a work-related conference and have heard it's beautiful. Just wondering if anyone who's familiar with the area has any suggestions what there is to see/do. We won't have a lot of free time, but I want to take advantage of what we do have. Also, how's the weather there this time of year? Thanks!
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I've been there. It is beatuiful! Just go to weather.com and put in the zip code to the area you going to, and you can get the 10 day forecast. There's lots to see and do, which you should be able to get on the net. Just put Santa Barbara into a seach engine, and you should be able to get an online visitors info. Have a wonderful time.
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I've been there a couple of times. I live is Los Angeles. Santa Barbara is very beautiful, and very expensive. I don't know of any specific places to go, though. The weather is probably pretty similar to what we have in Los Angeles, but probably a bit cooler up there. I'd say if you're going next week, you'll probably need to bring a jacket for mornings and evenings, as we've been having cool weather in the mid 60's in the LA area, so I would expect to be a bit cooler up there.
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Is it in California?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Is it in California?
Yep. Sorry I didn't mention that!
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I held a meeting there a few years ago. It's really beautiful. There's a wine country a relatively short drive from there (around 30 miles) that's just beautiful (and has lots of excellent wine), if you can get a car and have time for a bit of a drive.

I actually still have the Word document of the information packet I put together for the members of my group. In addition to some hotel-specific information (which would probably be of no use to you) it has some information about the area and things to do. I'd be happy to e-mail it to you if you're interested.

Fodor's and Frommer's also have some good information on their Web sites:
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I live north of Santa Barbara but haven't been there except to travel through to visit relatives in L.A. The weather there isn't too bad if you like it in the 50's and 60's (perhaps in the very low 70's) this time of year for the high and can even get down to the 30's for a low. The weather should be nice but it is our rainy season.

As for things to do - There is a botanical garden I heard is nice and the mission (if you are into seeing that) as well as the wine tours offered in the area. You can check online tour books as Tari suggested to see what might be more to your liking. But most of all enjoy yourself and watch the sunsets over the ocean.
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