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Cat with struvite crystals

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Help!! - last week I took my 2yr old neutered kitty to the emergency room because he was having trouble peeing and was dribbling urine through the house. After X-rays, Bloodwork, and Urinalysis they determined he had struvite crystals and put him on an IV with a Catheter- poor baby. They released him to me last Friday and prescribed a diet of S/D. Sounded great I was all ready to see my boy get better, however he won't eat the S/D. I then changed to the IVD Dissolution formula which he only likes to drink the gravy out of and won't eat the meaty parts. I am on my last effort now and have bought the IVD Control diet this is the maintenance diet but since I have a second cat with no problems I think this might be the only one I can leave out so that my sick baby can graze throughout the day and the other can eat it too without causing him problems. Tonight I am going to put the Dissolution formula in the Blender and see if I can get him to eat it that way.

Anyone have this problem before? I want my boy to get better but I feel that is dependent on him eating. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am a worried mommy. Also he has 2 drinkwell fountains and 6 other waterbowls located in the house. Unfortunatly i only see about 2 tablespoons of pee twice a day in the box.
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Talk to your vet there are other Rx makers that can be ordered
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Also, ask your vet if you can mix another canned food in that your cat does like, with the S/D or IVD or whichever you choose. My cat Mew had struvites and she hated the S/D canned, but I mixed a small amount of Eagle Pack canned in and a bit of warm water and she ate it. (I admit she wasn't thrilled though) I also gave her the dry S/D -- that she liked.
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