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My new little one

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These are some pictures of my new furbaby Ben (his name was Issac but everyone kept calling him ben it is)
These were taken a couple days ago

This is Ben at 4 days old

And at 3 weeks old

And 6 weeks old with his 3 identical brothers

And this is how he gets into everything!
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Ben is so cute!
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Ben is adorable. I love him getting into your purse.
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He looks like Sleeves in the face!!! wowee he's gorgeous
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I love his little face what a doll
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That's how it works....They lure you into keeping them with their cute fuzzy little faces, then they come home and get into all kinds of mischief
Ben is very cute! I especially like the one of him with one of his brothers.
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He's adorable!
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OH My word he is adorable!

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Hi Ben, you cutie!!
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Oh he's adorable. I love orange striped kitties.
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Very cute He looks just like my Otis
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I Orange kitties!

Ben is totally precious and lovable! I need to get Harley an Orange buddy!
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Oh my gosh! What a little doll! Ben looks as though he's going to be a big boy!
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Ben is so cute and I LOVE that name!!
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