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I'm so relieved: Milla's vet visit went OK

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Milla, who otherwise tends to be the kindest, least aggressive little cat in the world just hates vet visits. Last year she went completely berserk and bit me. The vet is not the problem, she's really nice and calm, and all our other cats love her.

Thursdays vet visit had all the makings of a catastrophy: I had to take her by two buses, which she also hates, and to make her even more uncomfortable the air was absolutely freezing, -5F . Have you ever tried carrying a carrier wrapped in a big blanket while trying to pay the busdriver with the other, numb frozen hand?

But: Little Milla suprised me by acting like an angel. OK, she did hiss and growl, but didn't try to injure anyone this time and let the vet vaccinate her quite nicely. She even stopped swearing at me on the way back.
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You must have been incredibly relieved. I know I get a bit uptight the night before Jamie has an appointment, because he's usually so nasty with the vets.
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All my cats have always hated the vet. I told him it's because he's just not fun! Let's face it, if i were a cat, it would be a very scary situation. They must feel so out of control. I dread when I have to go. Glad Milla did o.k.
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Good girl Milla

My other cats never liked the vet much, but surprisingly, Boogs and Gracie don't mind at all. When we got Gracie, she had a horrible case of ear mites, and I must say, she was a bit peeved when they cleaned out her ears.
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How wonderful that everything went so well

Harley didn't mind the vet before we got him fixed - but ever since then, he hasn't liked it so much, I think he had a bad experience - he sure didn't like the really nice ladies working there AT all!
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Perhaps Milla's extreme vet fear hits me hard because Usva, Tilli and Timotei all love to go the vet: they want to cuddle.
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Ohh, just about all cats HATE vet visits, so Milla isn't alone! I think it's really unusual that your other cats like it. Unusual in a really nice way though, I wish my cats would do that!
They just don't act like themselves I know. Usually mine pant and meow like crazy, and you need 3 people to keep one of them on the big cold metal checkup table when they are there!
I'm glad to hear that the visit went ok!! Good kitty Milla
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