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No firm diagnosis, illness changing

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Hi.. I am hoping that someone out there might have insight into some symptoms.
About a month and a half ago, Harry our youngest and roudiest kitty came home and I sensed that he had been in a fight. Not unusual but this time, I could tell. Shortly after that, I noticed that he was getting lethargic and was gravitating toward the warmer places. Also, trying to stay out of the mahem (busy house). I didn't worry too much as he was eating and voiding just fine. He just seemed like he wasn't feeling well and his eye contact wasn't there anymore. New Years Eve, he started throwing up and did so about once an hour for 4-5 hours. The last time, there was a hint of pink indicating blood to me. Shortly after the New Year rang in, I was off to the emergency room with him. The noted that he did not have fever, but that he was slightly dehydrated. I was concerned as his abdomen had been tender, that possibly the fight may have caused some internal injury like a broken rib etc. The x-ray showed everything was fine although there was a slight indication that there might be bunching in his intestines. The vet prescriped antibiotics for possible stomach infection, gave him a wormer, and sent me home with tablets to soothe his stomach. The regimen seemed to work and he perked up a bit. Now, over the past 2-3 days, his symptoms have returned to some degree. Some throwing up but not consistent and very minimal. However, now he is doing quite a bit of sneezing. He meows like he has a hollow pit in his stomach and wants something in it to soothe it. He is more interested in his soft food that he ever has been. He seems to meow at us before he heads to the litter box.
I know that this is a lot of information, but if anyone has experienced anything similar, it would be great to get a sense of what might be going on. He is current on all vaccinations.
Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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I would take him back immediately and run bloodwork on him. Is he neutered? When cats fight outside, they get into a lot of trouble. They actually go airborn when they attack each other, he could have been really injured- he could be fighting an infection, picked up a disease, gotten into something he shouldn't have that is a slow toxin. Blood work may provide the answer you need, and until you can get a definitive answer, keep him inside, keep him in a dark room where there is quiet, provide him with soft bedding and keep the lights low. Once he recovers if he isn't neutered, get him neutered, and try to keep him inside all the time instead of letting him out.

(this advice comes from someone who used to have indoor/outdoor cats and paid dearly last year for that) Now all my cats are indoor only or they live in the enclosed porch area or enclosure.
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Thanks for the advice. Harry is neutered. Just loves being out though. The original blood work came back fine from the emergency visit. White cells weren't elevated. If anything a little lower. They mentioned following up with a more in depth blood culture if the symptoms returned. The true symptoms haven't returned but now the sneezing. So it looks like that's what we will do.When I followed up with my regular vet he mentioned putting him on a broader spectrum antibiotic.

Sorry about your hard learned lesson. My heart goes out to you.
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Took Harry back to the vet. He isn't showing any sign of termperature, he isn't showing any signs of dehydration and he has actually gained a little weight. Dr. feels at this point that he most likely contracted an URI shortly after the other episode and that the 2 aren't related. If Harry is still sneezing in a week, we will follow up.

Thanks for listening.
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