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Licking = affection?

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hi all,

both of my kittens like to lick me ... today as i was taking a nap, mochi licked my chin and woke me right up! i know dogs lick ppl as a sign of affection, is it the same with cats?
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I think it must be. Angel likes to play very rough with me, my fault I have always played rough with my cats when they were small so they think its ok but Angel can be ripping my hand apart and having a great time and when she is done she sometimes will walk up and real gently lick my nose as to say thanks for spending time with me.

Tuffy who is my baby and totally trusts me and spends allot of time with me on the other hand will hardly ever make eye contact with me or lick me. If he is grooming himself he might lick my hand a little if I hold it out to him but won't get near my face. I guess I just pick up on other things he does to know he really likes me. But Tuffy will lay for long periods of time on my chest in bed where Angel won't, even if I put her there and pet and talk to her real nice, she will move down to next to my leg and lay with her head on my lower leg like we use a pillow.
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Yep, sure is a sign of affection!

Miya likes to lick me a lot...too much! She will usually lick my face in the morning to wake me up if the alarm has gone off and I haven't gotten out of bed yet. She also likes to lick my hand and my neck when I'm holding her and then she'll snuggle right into my neck.
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My kittens like to lick my hands - it's because they like the taste of salty human skin!
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Yup, surely is a sign of affection. So is nibbling!

K.C. licks my hair every night --- she makes a lil nest in it. Nuzzles my scalp as she is falling asleep.

Snickers, he is a "nibbler"... he doesn't bite, just little nibbles? He will reach out & nibble my arm in the morning while I'm getting ready, nibble my nose to wake me up when he's hungry.

Hammie doesn't lick or nibble us, but he does rub his face really hard on us. It's not headbutting, it's just a really fierce rub with the side of his mouth.
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Phenom is a licker. She will lay as high as she can on my chest and lay her head on my should and then lick my neck, when i can't take her sand paper tongue any moer she will try to lick my eyes and my face!
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The other night, my darlin' Clyde was sleeping wrapped around my ankle, and when it got chilly, I felt these two soft little paws slide up under my pajama leg... and then this cold little nose followed, and the purring began...

And then came the gentle little licks -- just little soft dabs, all in the same spot, that I take to be equivalent to kisses.

I told Clyde the other night that I'd rather sleep with him than with George Clooney... but he was unmoved, since he knows darn well I don't really have any basis for comparison.

~ sigh ~
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The remark about George Clooney was really hilarious!

Catsy will lick me, but only when she's grooming herself and I reach out to pet her, then she'll lick me rather absentmindedly, as if she didn't really realise that's my hand and not another part of herself
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Pretty liked to lick. When I pet her if I didn't let her lick me in turn she would attack (no claws) to hold my hand down so she could lick me back. I miss it.

(Tia's Mom)
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I've got 2 lickers in my house. They lick our hands and faces when they are in extra sweet mode.
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Yep, we call him "Toe Licker" - he loves to lick toes. Fresh out of the shower is ectasy! He once licked our real estate agents toes.
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tilly my oldest only licks when she wants to she is more of a droller and dotty has a tendency to nibble
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