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So, about a week or so ago I bought myself a new computer. It's pretty nice, a definate upgrade from what I had. I had sold my old PC to a co-worker, and so I needed to clear off the HD, I zipped all my web design projects, commercials, over 400 pics I had, graphics, and a tattoo I had been working on the past 3 weeks. I uploaded them to a site, because I don't have my server space anymore, and I don't have a burner.

Well my stupid self, not bothering to redownload the file and make sure it worked, I just erased everything and set up my new computer, when I downloaded the file, it was corrupted. I lost everything. this was only 2 nights ago. ARGH *vent*
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Oh no!!, I can see why you would be so frustrated!
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Yah, that sucks...
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Ouch. This can happen to the best of us. When my computer crashed several years ago, we lost everything. It hurts at first, but then as time goes on and you fill your new HD up, the pain lessens . . . until you try searching for an old picture that no longer exists.
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Oh my, that's so annoying.
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Oh man, I would so p*ssed off! I'm dreading problems like that when we finally get around to reformattting our hard drive.
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I still have my old computer sitting in a box just a few feet away as I haven't cleared the hard drive either but as I messed up while doing an upgrade I don't know what I can access. I just keep putting it off!!
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I hate it, I'm so mad at myself it's not even funny, i don't even know where to start to redo everything I lost, argh..

But, it has lead me to new insperation. I'm going to buy server space (anyone know somoene reliable, yet cheap??) And get me a domain, and start a website for my cats!!
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