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Prayers for A Friend...

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Hey All--

A girlfriend of mine from college just had some pretty major brain surgery yesterday. She was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago with an arterial malformation (possibly not the exact scientific term, but close enough) that was causing her major, major headaches and a score of other problems. She has been remarkably upbeat and positive about the whole ordeal, even joking about how she's going to look like a "gregorian monk" since they have to shave the top of her head.

I'm in Chicago and she's in NY, and I won't be able to get back there til this summer, so I feel a little helpless...but, mainly, I just wanted to put a post up for your good thoughts and prayers that have helped me and my friends and family so much this past year. What a remarkable community this is!

Thanks in advance!
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Many prayers for your friend and healing vibes!
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Julieanna....I`m praying for your friend. How is she doing since her surgery? Has she come to yet....or are they possible keeping her asleep for awhile?
My daughter had major brain surgery almost 8 years ago (from an accident) and it is a scary thing to think that they are doing surgery on your brain (well in your friends case anyhow....my daughter did`nt know anything about it till she came out of her coma 11 days later....hers was harder on US than it was on her)
Tell her that her hair will grow back pretty fast and cover her scars. (That was what our daughter was most worried about when she came to and realized that they`d shaved her head.)
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Well, thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
She is awake but very drugged and in the ICU. She'll be moved from the ICU tomorrow possibly and will be back home in about a week, believe it or not.
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Oh she is in my thoughts. How are you holding up?
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I will add your friend to my prayer list.
My Granddaughter had surgery on her brain last year.
I know that the loving prayers from TCS helped her.
She is doing just fine now.
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Prayers and many healing vibes being sent for your friend!
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That's horrible that someone so young should have to go through something so serious! She's very lucky to have a friend who cares about her as much as you obviously do . Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and full recovery .
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Prayers that she makes a full recovery. When I went through the sugery rotation in nursing school, I was observing a brain surgery. The nurse anesthesiologist on the case had previously had brain surgery himself. He managed to go to nursing school and train to be a nurse anesthetist following his surgery. He even let me feel where he still had a shunt inside. It is totally amazing what medicine can accomplish.
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Many prayers heading her way
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Sending many healing vibes and hoping she recovers soon.
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