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Wow..clicker training

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I saw someone on here post about clicker training and give a website. So, I went and ordered the kit, and it came today.

I managed to get Orion not only to keep his furry head OUT of the bowl of tuna I was using as reward (which is amazing in itself), I actually got the little bugger to follow a pink knitting needle all over the living room for clicks and tuna.

He got the hang of it right away, and after 5 minutes, we were going back and forth across the room, and he was jumping up and down off of chairs to touch his nose to that knitting needle for a click and a treat. We must have played the clicker game for 20 minutes before he starting getting distracted enough for me to call it quits.

Now I just have to find a dry, not mushy treat he really loves, and is special, so I can carry some around with me all the time to get him to do other tricks.

He already does a 'wave' for a treat, which I think I'm going to modify so it looks cuter, and I think the clicker will be perfect for that.

Now that the weather's getting nicer too, I hope the clicker stuff will help with his walks on his leash. I'd like to be able to get him to walk with me at least the length of the block.

So anyways, thought I'd share my mini-sucess today, and thank whoever reccommended that site.

Purrs and rubs,
Spring and Orion
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I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure if it was me but I have posted the clicker training site a couple times in the past. I love it. I am a clicker addict.

I haven't tried it on my kitties yet but I've worked with my dog with the clicker and he picks up new tricks so much quicker.

Let me now how Orion does!!
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I use the clicker on my dogs and cats too, and think it's amazing. The thing I'd remind you of, though, is to keep the sessions much shorter than 20 minutes! Have four 5 minute sessions instead thoughout the day, and even 5 minutes is loooong in clicker training, since you should be clicking every few seconds or so. If they get distracted, you've done it way too long. The idea is to keep it very interesting, short and rewarding.

That is amazing progress! It took me a few sessions with each animal to make sure they understood it was the click that signalled success and then reward, that that was the significant part, and that it wasn't the the treat that signalled *this* is what I want if you know what I mean.
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