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A dog with 2 cats???? Advice needed.

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My Hubby has been talking about wanting to get a Begal or Begal mix dog. We have 2 cats. We do have a couple firends that come and bring thier dogs here but the cats aren`t around them enough to establish a real friendship. They don`t act terrified either...and are curious. (They will slap if the dogs get too close ...not sure if their nails are out or not though)
What do you guys think? Will the cats adjust to a dog? How does an introduction to a dog happen? Is a Begal-Begal mix a good mix with cats?
Any info you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
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I have 2 ctas and three dogs, introduced one at a time. They are all good friends now. Just be weary to introduce them gradually. The cats will treat the dog first as an unwanted interloper, but will get used to the dog soon enough. The dog could also be scared of the cats and either animal could hurt the other, if you do not closely supervise them. They will, within a couple of weeks get used to each other, and eventually be good friends.
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I simply don't recommend a beagle to anyone who has not had a dog before, particularly if you have cats. Beagles are very strong willed dogs with a higher than average prey drive. Unless you are really experienced with handling dogs, they are difficult to control.

My sister never had a dog in her life and wanted one. Against my advice she adopted a beagle, felt sorry for him and adopted a second as a companion. She has been trying to get me to take both of them for 5 years now. They are just too much for an inexperienced person to handle. And yes, I know that many people have a lot of luck with them and will disagree with me.

I do NOT discourage you from adopting a dog, just want to warn that some breeds are easier to manage than others. Personally, give me a good old mutt anyday!
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My dog plays with Ginger. She really tolerates her. Molly (the dog) doesn't like Tiger though... She just barks and he swats at her. They never hurt each other though. I think it will be okay.
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I do agree a beagle can be a hard to handle dog for the not so experienced... I have a terrier and she is sister to one cat and gets along with all cats( i have to watch that she doesnt try to sniff butts of cats,,lol... )... Introduce slowly a gate works great...
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Beagles are hound dogs with a strong prey drive as they are originally hunting dogs. I would avoid any dog that has specifically hunting purposes in its breeding history - hounds, springers, pointers, shepherds, most terriers and even some retrievers. That sounds like it doesn't leave much but if you wanted a rescue you wouldn't be sure what you would get, anyway. I highly recommend rescuing dogs, of course, or any animal, but for a first-time dog owner against what a lot of people recommend I would go for a purebred or single cross breed. You just know so much more what you are getting with a dog breed than a cat breed - they do tend to exhibit highly the characteristics they are bred for.

I can't recommend poodles highly enough - standard poodles, that is. Miniatures and toys especially can be more high-strung but standard poodles are athletic, gentle, highly intelligent, laid back sweet dogs and perfect with cats. Having said that I had two German Shepherds who were amazingly beautiful with our cats but that is NOT a breed I would recommend to the inexperienced owner they are incredibly high maintenance with a long puppyhood, and very powerful, strong dogs.

I would strongly recomment against anything with terrier in it - they can be sweet dogs but are strong willed and stubborn and Jack Russells in particular can be snappy and are NOT good with cats.

You could go a poodle, a labrador - that would be my number one pick - although they are retrievers they are lovely, lovely dogs, or some sort of labrador cross, labradoodle (I have two of those - heaven), cocker spaniel (although once again a hunting breed smaller and easier to handle, though not overly bright ), a Schipperke (gorgeous) or any of the medium sized more low-maintenance breeds. I would avoid at all costs working dogs, like blue heelers or border collies - once again a high prey and herding drive and not good around cats.

There's lots and lots of choices - here's a really awesome and informative link for you on dog breeds.

Good luck!! A dog will bring joy to your life like you have not known, I promise, and they are wonderful, loving, loyal, sweet friends and companions, and are my whole life (with my kitties of course!)
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We've been thinking of this for quite some time now too. We'd kinda given up on getting a dog after we got the cats though. But I think we could do it, even though we live in a one bedroom apartment.
The breed I had in mind was a bichon frise, most probably getting a cross, like shih tzu/ bichon. They're super friendly little dogs, smart and not hard to handle.
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If you adopt a dog from a rescue group, they can usually tell you if the dog is good with cats or not, especially if the animals are in foster care situations. Beagles are fun dogs, but like someone said, very strong-willed!! If you're looking into getting a puppy, i personally believe that if the puppy is raised with the kitties then there usually is no problem. I currently have a Lhasa Apso that just loves the kitties, has never hurt them, but Lhasas are definitely not the breed for everyone, especially if they are children around. They can be a little, uh, difficult at times.
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we found our dog at

They list details if they are good with kids, cats, dogs, or have special needs.

Good luck with your search.
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Our two kittens were about 6 months old when we adopted a rescue dog. She was about 9 months and is not much bigger than the cats, and after a week of gradual introduction, some hissing and snapping, they are friends. There are good links on how to introduce dogs to cats. I think Sarah and others have given you GREAT advice on the pros and cons of the various breeds. Dogs are both easier and harder to care for...our cats never gave any trouble to use the litter box and don't always want your attention, but I love that I can put a leash on the dog and take her out. I love them all!
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My two dogs were raised with cats, so it hasn't been an issue. I have a baby gate, to keep the dogs in the family room and give the cats a way to get away from the dogs and chill out.
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I have 6 cats & 1 dog. I very recently took Barney (doggie) in, last Friday!

He knew them previously from earlier visits to my house, so it wasn't such an adjustment issue. Also Barney was raised around cats so he sort of thinks he is a cat. Which is of course very cool.

I think as long as the dog you adopt has been around cats or is raised around them from puppyhood, you won't have any issues.

Also cats do take a while to adjust, they are territorial. Thankfully my doggie has staked out a spot in the house that none of the other cats previously had staked out.

The cats are jealous, naturally -- they are seeking lots more affection than normal from me! As long as you pour on the love & affection & let your cats know that the dog isn't replacing them --- I think they'll be fine.

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I think everyone has given great advice and ideas. We got Sandy just this past Spring after we already had Saba and Sasha (who's 13), and it was quite an ajustment but we took it REALLY SLOW and kept Sandy puppy girl on a leash inside at all times, and made sure that the upstairs was truly Kitty City, only for them, their own area. We are now at almost 1 year and Sandy puppy sits with the kitties and they touch noses all the time. Sasha insists on speaking Cat to her, and she thinks he's a really odd dog, but there is peace in our house, and it's really nice.

If you understand the differences between how cats and dogs are hard-wired to respond to stimuli and each other, you will do great.

BTW, our puppy girl is 1/2 lab x border collie with shepherd, and she's gentle and kind.
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