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cat food brand that doesn't smell?

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My cat's food bowl is only a couple of feet from my bed. Unfortunately the smell of it is really getting to me and I don't have anywhere else to put it. I'm currently using a mix of Science Diet and Purina Kitten Chow. Does anybody have a suggestion for something that doesn't have an odor?
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I think all cat food is pretty smelly. A raw diet is probably the only thing that wouldn't have that cat food smell.
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Raw has the least but if you try a no by product food youll smell a difference
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hehe might I suggest to move the cats food bowls somewhere away from your bed?
Also if you buy a better quality food with healthier ingredients and no by-products you will notice a difference in smell.
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even an upgrade to Purina One vs Purina Chow is better and less smelly
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So if I went with straight Science Diet or something like that it might be better? Are most of the foods at PetsMart made with no by-products? I do need kitten food though, she's only 4 months. Unfortunately there's not really anywhere else to put her food. It needs to be in my room because she gets shut in there with me at not so she doesn't bother my roommate.
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One way to avoid the smell of the food would be to put her on timed meals instead of free feeding... but this is difficult when she's a kitten. Kittens should not have their food restricted.

Unfortunatley most of the foods at PetsMart DO have by-products... You might want to do a google search for "Selecting a good commercial pet food" and use that found knowledge next time you're in the store. Read every label you can, and choose what you think would be best for your kitty
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I went to Pet Valu and read every can. I chose about 5 or 6 with no by-products and bought one of each can and tried them with our cats. Turned out they only really liked the Merricks so that is what they get now and I have to tell you, it looks good enough for human consumption. It actually smells good too.

They don't like the seafood flavours (and I'm assuming those may have a stronger smell) - they like Thanksgiving Dinner, Granny's Pot Pie and Cowboy Cookout.
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What Proud Papa said plus these other canned foods: Natural Balance, Wellness, and Authority(Petsmart's in-house brand)

Royal Canin's dry food has almost no odor and is available at Petsmart too.

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I'm assuming you are talking dry cat food? We use Iams and its never had a strong smell. I'm wondering if the Purina one is the "smelliest"? Try just putting in one or the other and see if you can figure it out.

By the way, if you are feeding top quality brand and not the cheap stuff, kittens can eat adult food without any problems. We only feed the rexes kitten food till 4 months of age - after that they ate adult food with the rest - kitten food puts weight on kinda fast - even with active rex kittens.
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We feed both wet and dry - wet morning and night and dry free feed during the day.

We switched Bijou over to adult food at around 10 months old.
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Thanks. I do prefer dry food, just because it's easiest/cheapest for me (sorry Chloe!) She doesn't seem to be a picky eater though. I am learning that cheap is not the way to go on most things - i.e. litter! I may try the Royal Canin's next time. I looked at it last time I was at PetsMart. I'm also going to check out our agriculture store as I know they've got a good selection of quality foods. I guess I'm still a "mom in training" and have to learn what to look for!
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i feed my cats sensible choice chicken meal & rice for dry food. i don't think it smells as bad as hill's products or royal canin (which we tried recently).

from my experience working at a shelter, purina kitten/cat chow smells awful. can you at least switch just to the science diet? that might help the smell situation.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726

can you at least switch just to the science diet? that might help the smell situation.
Well, I was trying to simplify things for myself so I mixed both of them together in a container a couple of weeks ago so there's no going back! I had bought the Purina and Chloe's foster mom gave me the science diet when i picked her up. I didn't want to just suddenly change her food when she was adjusting to the new home too so I've been mixing.
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You are correct to transistion her food so that she can adjust properly. Just wanted to add that we feed Solid Gold, (top quality food w/no preservatives), and I have never noticed an odor.
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I hato buy catchow and that dry food stinks i almost threw up never again
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