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Please Help New Cat Lover

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Hi all, We're new here...me & ms kiitypiz. Here's our story. I'm 50ish and have really never cared for cats. We've had a few kitties, but it never worked out. I moved here a little over a year ago and met a stray cat that hung out around here. There was something about this cat that tiuched my heart and she always seemed hungry so I always put food out for her. (and water)

Eventually around aug. my son got a kitty, so Ms kitty started coming in to eat right from the kitty's food dish. She always hissed at the kitty (i called her "boopie", so I set out separate bowls for them.

Now, Ms Kitty never wanted human contact. She'd back off from any petting or contact. When she finished eating, she'd go to the door to be let out and that was the extent of it.

Eventually, she'd hang out for a little while before leaving...still no contact.
Soon she would come in my room and hang out with me for a while. When my son & boopie left home, I was devastated! At the same time, I became very ill. Ms Kitty NEVER LEFT MY SIDE! Even as the ambulance took me out, she was right there!

Since then (it's been a few weeks) she's with me all the time. She goes out for a while, but then comes in. She sleeps with me, always touching me with a part of her and lays beside me. I give her treats and hold her for brief periods. She's becoming more affectionate, but I don't push her. I get a sense she may have been abused. She cowers if I go to pet her, so I try nott to approach her from the front. She likes to have her face and head stroked and her coat brushed. The first time I did that she was so funny. She couldn't figure out what I was doing!

A few days ago, I found out a little about her history. My next door neighbor told me she used to belong to him & his girlfriend. When his girlfriend passed on, he put her out and stopped feeding and caring for her. He had a pit bull and didn't want her to aggravate him.

This happene in 1991

So she's been out there all these years!! I'm sorry, but to me that's cruel!

Well, now she belongs to me! And for some reason I love her dearly! She's my buddy. Now, she can live out her golden years as comfortable as she wants to be!

Sorry this is so long...I needed to share about her and no one would understand how I feel anywhere else!

The biggest question I have is about removing ticks from her. I'm in dire financil straits and m unable to tke her to the vet right now.

Please help me! And mskittypiz!
Thanks so much!....mom
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She has ticks? Are you able to use precise tweezers? If she has ticks it is possible she is also quite sick, even if you don't think she is. Is there anyway you can get her to the vet?
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Please get this kitty to a vet, esp seeing how she has cared for you. Think of it as an investment in her health, and even yours. She could have picked up fleas, and or worms. She should also be vaccinated. Hissy is right about how to get the ticks off. I have two kittens that were rescued from outside. They had fleas and worms. A few simple medications was all it took from the vet. One kitten had one tick, and I got it off with tweezers.
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But you have to take it off right, if you don't if you leave the head in, then your cat will get a nasty infection. http://www.pest-control-hub.com/ will tell you how to safely get rid of ticks
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Originally Posted by hissy
But you have to take it off right, if you don't if you leave the head in, then your cat will get a nasty infection. http://www.pest-control-hub.com/ will tell you how to safely get rid of ticks
Thank you for this site...when I clicked on it and then on "get rid of ticks" all I got was a blank page. I tried 4 times with the same result.

Others suggesed I take her to the vet. As mentioned in my initial post...I'm in
dire financial straits. Maybe that wasn't clear...I've been very sick, haven't been able to work, have NO money and am facing eviction. Ideally, yes, the first thing I would have done is take her to the vet. When I say "no money", that's exactly what I mean. I don't even have money for me to go to doctor, to eat, or pay my bills.

So, I would appreciate if anyone can help, please tell me how to get rid of a tick. I know it has to be done very carefully and that you have to be sure to remove the entire thing.

I only see and feel one, so hopefully, I can get rid of it. I have no idea how long it's been there.

Thank you so much for your help,
mskittpiz & mom
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Ticks are treacherous little beasts and can carry diseases that threaten both you and your cat. Here's the safest way to remove one.
Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:
1. Assemble supplies on your kitchen counter: sharp-nosed tweezers, a small jar of alcohol, disinfectant, hydrocortisone spray.

2. Have a helper hold the cat steady for you.(

3. Using the tweezers, grab the tick at the head part right where it enters the cat's body. Do NOT grab the tick by its body.

4. Pull steadily and firmly outward, without twisting or jerking.

5. Place the tick in the jar of alcohol to kill it.

.. 6. Swab the cat's skin around the bite wound with a disinfectant.

7. Spray the area with the hydrocortisone spray to help alleviate irritation and itching.

8. Wash your hands well with soap and water.
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This site confirms what GardenAndCats advised.
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Thank You so much!! I know ticks are nasty little buggers
And I want to get it off her! I'm trying to find a friend who has actually done it before to help me.

I'll give it a go in the am. Can you acually see the head? She has such long hair!! It's hard to visualize.
Mskittypiz & mom
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