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Cranberries to prevent UTI.

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I am struggling with what brand of food to feed my cats with. One time I went to the PetSmart and a person there had some new brand of food on display. It's called Blue spa select. Here is the web site


One thing she mentioned is that the dry food contains cranberries in it which is supposed to be preventative to urinary tract or bladder infections. In fact, if you read the labels, the food contains lots of nutrients and seems to be generally healthy for cats. The only thing I noticed is that this food has more calories than most other brands. I also read it in the book to stay away from non-major brands and go with Iams, Hills or Neuro. What do you guys think on this?
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I have started using it and the cats seem to love it. So far no problems, been using it now 4 months.
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As far as only going with major brands I would say do not do that. If we did that we would be telling you to feed foods like Whiskas and Friskies and Purina and those foods are awful. They are full of by-products and bad ingredients. What should determine your decision is the ingredients and whether your cats like it or not. Remember the first few ingredients should be meat and they should not contain by-products at all. Excessive amounts of corn is not good either.
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canberry powder is good for uti in cats... but if you have trouble with them watch the magnesium and phosphorus levals too... My girls like wet blue spa in the salmon flavor... I found the dry had too many grains but if kitties will eat it is a good food
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Yes my kitties eat both wet and dry food of that brand. Chichi has longer hair and I would feed her the hairball control one. Would the hairball control food harm a cat that's shorthaired and doesn't have the hairball problem?
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Originally Posted by Chichi
Yes my kitties eat both wet and dry food of that brand. Chichi has longer hair and I would feed her the hairball control one. Would the hairball control food harm a cat that's shorthaired and doesn't have the hairball problem?
No it wouldnt but do check the fiber ( usually higher in a hairball formula ) ... check to make sure the protein and fat are the same or close to the adult formula...

If memory serves you have a "heavy " kitten??
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Drs. Foster and Smith brand also contains cranberries, if you're interested in other options. I just ordered a whole bunch since I've been highly impressed with their products before.
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Chicken soupe for the cat lovers soal, also has cranberries in it, along with many other inpressive ingredience, and my kitty loves it, altho it is a little hard to find, I also have my dogs on the dog version, and the shedding problems all but stoped, and there cots are beautiful.
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we feed our cat, george, felidae. it also has cranberries in it. the top 5 ingredients are comparible but i think slightly better overall than the blue buffalo cat food. the felidae company, like blue buffalo, produces dog/cat food and they were both noted on the world dog food journal (WDJ) top foods list. guess they're both good pics. here is the WDJ's selection criteria followed by the top 20 or so picked for 2006:

WDJ Dry Dog Food Selection Criteria:

1.) We look for foods that contain a lot of high-quality animal proteins
2.) We reject any food containing meat by-products or poultry by-products
3.) We reject foods containg fat or protein not identified by species
4.) We look for the use of whole grains & vegetables
5.) We eliminate all foods with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
6.) We eliminate all foods with added sweetners

Further Attributes:

1.) A date-code or production code is easy to find, read, and interpret
2.) More than just the required nuturients (fat, protein, fiber, moisture) listed on a product label's "guaranteed analysis" (GA)
3.) The caloric content of the food listed on the label
4.) All of the food maker's contact information listed on its product labels (and their product literature & Web sites)
5.) A statement that a food (or one of its close "family members") has passed an AAFCO feeding trial
6.) Certified Organic Ingredients
7.) Admire those manufacturers that have pursued and obtained noncompulsory manufacturing certifications.


Artemis: artemispetfood.com
Azmira: azmira.com
Back to Basics: beowulfs.com
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine: benchandfield.com
Blue Buffalo: bluebuff.com
Burns: bpn4u.com
by Nature BrightLife: bynaturepetfoods.com
California Natural: naturapet.com:
Canidae: canidae.com
Canine Caviar: caninecaviar.com
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul: chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com
Cloud Star Kibble: cloudstar.com
Drs. Foster & Smith: drsfostersmith.com
Eagle Pack Holistic Select: eaglepack.com
Evolve: evolvepet.com
Firstmate Dog Food: firstmate.com A NEW ONE!
Flint River: no web
Foundations: petcurean.com
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals: frommfamilyfoods.com
Go! Natural: petcurean.com

Hope this helps you, brad.
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thanks for telling about this cat food. I bought some online from Persmart.
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