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Cat Fight

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My feral cat who is now practically an outdoor cat i think got into a fight with a cat today and i think she might have some injuries I think they are minor though. She has a small dot of blood on her leg i think it might of been scratched. She is able to jump on things still. She doesnt seem to want to move much could her leg still be hurting? I put ointment on the spots i think got scratched/bit also she went on my lap and started meowing at me like she was trying to tell me somthing. Do they do that if they are hurting? I think I might call then vet in the morning and ask some question.

Have any of you had a similar experiences?
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Yes your best bet would be to call the vet for sure.
Cats are excellent at hiding their pain so sometimes it is really hard to tell.
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Cat bits can be very dangerous and absess easily. Take him to the vet to be checked over.
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Take her to the vet. Cat bites are not something to ignore, they get infected quite easily and from what your are describing (having lived through it to many times to count) I would already be on my way to the vet. Your cat is trying to tell you something-
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well she is acting normal this morning. I might still call the vet later when it opens. Do cats get depressed after they lose a fight? could that be the reason for her odd behaviour yesterday?
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Young cat: She is in pain, not depressed. She is hurting and is sleeping and trying to heal. Get her to a vet. I've had MANY vet visits from my didi over the years. Every time I saw blood on a cushion or where he was sitting? Yep it WAS a bite wound, and YES it needed cleaning and anti bios to heal right. Don't delay. An ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention.
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A couple of yrs ago my senior Ox was in a fight with a stray. I didn't see any blood but I finally noticed it when he was lethargic. He had 3 abcesses -1 under his chin and two on his neck. Even with antibiotics it took several week to regain his energy.
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