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Antarctica had her babies!!

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Yeah, after 2 nights sleeping on the floor, she had her first one at 10:33am,2nd at 10:55am, 3rd at 11:33am, and 4th at 11:51am. She had 2 white standard Munchkins, red and white tabby Munchkin and one white non standard Munchkin. Here they are at just 1.5 hours old.
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So precious!!!!!

Please post more!
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Yay!!! More babies!! Congrats again, Sandie and Ken :rainbow: Now maybe you can get some sleep
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Glad there were no complications Sandie! Beautiful babies, now you go get some shut-eye!
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Antarctica is such a beautiful cat. Congratulations!

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Annie is GORGEOUS! I'm so glad she did ok and all the kits are fine. It will be fun watching all your little ones grow. You WILL post more pics as they get older, won't you? Please? We all love baby pics, especially those of us that won't be getting any soon!
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How sweet! Annie looks so protective in that picture, too. I lurve baby kitties, I'm completely envious! Enjoy them for us!
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Congratulations Sandie and Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats to you and Annie! She is so beautiful and so are those little babies. Yes, you absolutely have to keep up updated with pics of the babies as they grow! Please, please please with sugar on top?!?!?
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Thanks guys! Annie did so good!! Once the kittens are old enough, she gets to be spayed and live a normal life here I will be posting more pics as everyone grows, so be sure to check this one and Purrty Girls often
I am off to take a quick nap, so I can come and play at the site this evening
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Just curious because I know nothing about breeding, but why is she getting spayed after one litter?
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They are so precious, such little miracles! And Annie tried to be considerate about letting you sleep as late as you wanted. It's we mothers who are hyper about this kitten business, and who can't sleep for fear we miss something!
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LOL, I think Annie was much calmer than I was!! As for spaying her, normally I would have a few litters with them, but Annie is only considered a second generation which makes her kittens third. I would like to be able to have 4th and 5th generation cats at some point. This way, now she can live a normal life and never have to worry about kittens or going into heat.
I also do not beleive in letting cats have kittens until they are 3,4,5 etc. They should be able to live a happy normal life for most of thier years
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Sandie: That is a great Philosophy.
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I forgot - they are just sooooooooooooo wonderful! Congradulation to you and MOM. Plenty of hugs and kisses to A. and the new arrivals
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How adorable! You must be SO proud.
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Wow, you are going to have your hands full when they start romping around.
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Oh how precious!!! I am so glad to hear mom and babies are doing fine!!!! Congrats to you all!!!!! They are adorable!!!!!
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You guys are awsome Annie is doing well today, she seems to have gotten the idea. I will be taking pics of both groups today to share.
You know...about the second night on the floor, I decided this was a BAD idea to have so many at the same time..hehe Right now, I have 11 kitties in one room. When they grow up, I am in REAL trouble. Hopefully in 2 weeks Rhiann only has one or two
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Do you have a kitty playpen? or 2 or 3? Rhea says it's much less expensive to build them (or have them built) than to buy, but I'm thinking about the different levels I would want, and how I could have that built in. You are certainly going to need something! I had 11 collie pups at the same time once. Thankfully they were a spring litter and we had outside and inside pens for them. What a job! What a joy!
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Your cats are simply gorgeous . Antartica is beautiful cat and her babies are so sweet !!! I'll say the same thing everyone else told you already : please post more as soon as you can . Pictures of her kittens but also of Antartica . I have rarely seen such a beautiful white cat.
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