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thick fur, knots, HELP!

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My cat..

is very large.. he's got ALOT of fur, and too much of it. we brush and brush him but he gets these horrible knots, and nothing works anymore.

he's the biggest pussy too, literally. the other 2 cats, his stepbrothers are tough.. and alot smaller!

i'm thinking about getting him shaved because i live in south florida..
alot of the knots hurt him and cutting and brushing just isnt helping.
even with the detangler sprays!
his brothers cause them too by licking eachother.

he would freak if we got shaved.. maybe i should buy one and do it myself rather than a prof?

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I owned a Maine Coon (RB) who used to get horrible knots in her ruff and around her shoulders. I stopped using a brush on her and started using a pin brush...sometimes its called a slicker brush. Its made of metal pins with round balls on the ends. It was the only brush that made it thru all that fur! I would also work thru some of the larger matts from the outside in with my fingers. I'd pull it apart, hair by hair.

I would not suggest getting a shaver and trying it yourself. A wiggly cat can be injured even with an electric shaver. Go see a groomer. Maybe you can reach an agreement about getting your cat trimmed.
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Take the cat to either a vet or a professional groomer and get it shaved where the mats are showing up. Mats can cause health issue (skin problems) Then buy a seam ripper and use that when you groom as well, when the knots start to form. Use the seam ripper to work out the clumps of hair before they get so large they become painful.
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I think I'd have the cat shaved this time and throw away your brushes - go get some different size combs and use them. Brushing does NOTHING on a longhair cat - you need to comb them.
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Take the advice of the last two people- groomer and comb!
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Originally Posted by Sweets
I owned a Maine Coon (RB)
sorry to be off topic but what is (RB)?
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You may have to have him shaved if they are that bad. Then maybe you can keep up with it after that. He's a beautiful boy! I've found that bathing every couple months helps a lot but that's not for everyone. My Jake would be an absolute mess of knots if I didn't bathe him. Anyway.....Something to consider.
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